I feel this is not for me.


Hi .. My experience is not very good as other wives, since I can not accompany him I have a baby of 20 months.

I am a housewife and I have no family here, I only had my husband, now everything is changing between us Since he left every 6 weeks.

I do not understand why I have been reading so much and other truckers come every 3 weeks, I think they lie to me .. some could tell me how long their husbands are coming?

When he came he told me that he was going to change the telephone company to have more coverage, I wonder what he was going to do with my phone it seemed ridiculous if he knows that I do not work I do not have money,
Also hinted that he would take a bank card for me alone that he gave me the money, I think he does not want me to see what he wins ... I thought that this sacrifice was for the family but I'm not sure anymore.

We discuss ... he does not want me to work to take care of the baby , But I can not anymore, I thought to start looking for some work, I worry about my baby if it will adapt, and she was in daycare and when she became ill they called me we alternated to look for her, but now that he is not I do not have a help No one else, just me.

The truth is that being the wife of a truck driver is very hard, some live as single and leave the responsibilities of their children only to mothers. I do not know how much longer I hold this situation
Please some advice, some is like me.

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May 08, 2017
Truckers wife has a hard job NEW
by: Anonymous

If he is an owner operator and is paying for his truck that might be why he is out for so long. My husband is an Owner/Operator and until he got his truck paid off he was always out up to 2 months sometimes. I have no babies as they are all grown. Maybe you could get a part time nanny to help with the baby. Or call the child development teacher at a local high school and see if they have any students that could help you out for a small fee. This is the life of a trucker. My husband did work for a company before owning his own truck. He worked M-F, That was nice, but it's not like that anymore. I hope you can find a solution so you can stay married.

May 08, 2017
He should change jobs
by: Hervy

If he is gone for that long then he needs to change trucking company.

Not all companies keep you out like that. In fact most dont these days especially if he has 1 year or more experience.

If he had sprint it is true he might be switching to expand coverage area. Lol. Some dead zones with them.

You need to really let him know how you feel about the way things are going. Dont put it off.

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