I feel like everything keeps going downhill and I'm the only one trying

by Tania

I'm not sure where to begin but I need to vent before I have a break down .

My husband is Punjabi Indian and is an OTR truck driver. I have no problem with him being a truck driver because he was already working when I met him.

The problem is even after years of trying to fit into his culture I still feel left out. he goes and meets up with his extended family or friends but never mentions about going together.

Even though he is a truck driver I am still working because I feel the need to because my husband does not provide for our family without me asking or reminding him multiple times which makes me feel uncomfortable like if I was begging.

I mean common sense would be to deposit money in our shared account for home needs or bills but I feel he never thinks that way. keeping in mind we have 3 kids and the youngest being 3 months I had to return to work and it just makes me hate him more because I was not able to stay home.

I enjoyed breastfeeding, but now I have to stop because I don't produce the same all because I feel he just leaves and forgets about us. I'm tired of stressing about the kids, bills to pay, having to work and still be a wife and mother

He comes home just to make me more mess and if I ask for help he acts like if I offended him
a little appreciation for everything I do would be great but I just feel everything keeps going downhill and I'm tired of feeling like the only one trying.

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Oct 30, 2016
Inter-racial relationship
by: Anonymous

What does your husband's race or nationality got to do with this? Nothing!

Everything you have mentioned, well all I can say is welcome to a trucker's wife's world! I can side with you, I would be mad as hell too if I had to stop breastfeeding, but he is being selfish and self-centered by not helping you out and leaving a mess for you to pick up.

I do not have little ones no more, mine are grown, but I would be livid if mine did what your husband is doing. Have you tried to talk to him, I know half the time talking to these guys is useless!

Good luck and I wish you well!

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