i can be his rock

by deanna
(st.thomas, pa.)

i come from a family of truckers. my dad, 2 brothers ,3 nephews, 2 husbands,long story,.this husband is great. when he has a bad day, he calls. i listen. i hear the stress. the worry. the concern, but the best i do for him is love him. he never has a to do list. of course i,m on the independent side. i can and do a lot of things that a lot of women think are for men to do only.

my support system is my family. of course they are truckers wives also. my positive attitude is that he will come home safe. we live in a mobile home. 2 yrs. ago i bought a newer one. i done all there was to do ,except set it up. i done the looking ,the paper work. he helped on weeekends. which was great. a few neighbor men helped with the heavy things.

i've been fighting cancer for ten yrs. i know what a stress it was and is on my great man. he has loved me through it all. he even has a pink tattoo on his arm for breast cancer. we shaved our heads at the same time. now when i need surgery i dont tell him till it's over. less worry on him. i've had 2 breasts removed, and 5 skin cancers.

i cope by having hobbies. flower beds and animals. 2cats &2 dogs. so my time is occupied every day ,all day long. my husband is the bread winner in this family. therefore i do all i can to make life easier for him.

favorite meals is one of my good things that i love to do for him. i love him till my death. roll on truckers!!!!!!!!

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Sep 13, 2014
great wife NEW
by: Anonymous

The best I read so far. So sorry to hear that but pray all is well.

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