I Believe His Behavior Spells Out Cheating - Any Advice

Due to my husband's behavior that has been building up over the past 2.5 months, I hate truckers.

I believe his behavior spells out clearly that he has another woman or women, whether it be a lot lizard or another female driver. He was not at home for Mother's Day in which he was doing a 34 and not at all did he send me a message or give me a phone call wishing me a Happy Mother's Day where in the past he has.

He is home now for home time and he has done nothing but nitpick at every little thing I do. We were in a supermarket when he for no apparent reason out of the blue screaming that I don't know how to satisfy your husband.

Now when he was home for hometime in the past when I started medical problems and told him that I can do things for him to satisfy him and he was in agreement. Well the last time he was home 3 months ago, he wanted to do something disgusting that even my own doctor said he was disgusting.

Well he wanted to do anal sex with me, then on top of that supposedly after taking his manhood out of my back door, he wanted me to do oral sex and have it half way down my throat to ejaculate, sorry for the pun, but when I told my doctor this, she excused herself and threw up in the bathroom.

She said that fecal matter gets on a guy's manhood if it enters the back door and basically I would be having some of my own waste in my mouth, this is why she threw up. Now we have 2 twin teens, 1 a boy and 1 girl.

The girl is special needs and goes to the doctors a lot and since their birth my husband did not want me to go to work because he felt I should be home with them. After the blowup in the supermarket, when we got home, I told him don't you dare treat me and talk to me like crap, he said to the kids, he was done, this marriage is over and your mother better get a job to support her and you 2 kids, my son said to him F**K you, I hate you.

My husband said your mother accused me of cheating, that is because I said to him in the car that if it was me away from home for a job I was doing and I acted this way, you would think I had someone. He started ranting oh you think you know every f***ing thing in the world and by the way when he started to scream in the supermarket, I walked away from him and he caught up with me yelling again oh who do you think you are, you thinking you must be big and proud.

Then later I said let's sit down and talk about this, he says there is nothing to talk about,and he said he did no wrong. The other day my daughter had a doctor's appt and I texted him telling him everything and that night he pestered me texting saying why doesn't he have a right to our daughter's medical info, I told him I told him everything.

I then told him he is a disgrace to all truckers and when I told him that there are lot lizards hanging in truck stops, he says there you go again, you think you know everything and then he said the reason I know about lot lizards is because I must be one hanging around in a truck stop to know about this.

My son told me if he had a gun, he would have shot him dead and my son then shot back and told his father that he should know because his mother must have been a lot lizard or a whore because my husband's father left his mother.

Me and my kids have total hate for him. Then he blames me for ruining his Father's Day and I told him he ruined that himself by starting nitpicking fights before he came home and he says he was going to leave on Father's Day and we told him whatever floats his boat and all the neighbors know our dirty laundry because he yells and my son told his father to apologize to me and my husband told him he needs to mind his own f***ing business and he told my son that he owes no one including me an alology because he did no wrong.

My son said well he believes when a husband has another woman on the side, he will nitpick and find excuses to leave and again my husband told my son think what you want to think.

I told my husband that our son was right and my husband said he was done, he is too old to be playing these f***ing games. Well when my husband went in and took a nap, my son took my husband's Father Day cards from me and from him and his sister thru the shredder. We cannot bring anything up to him without him accusing us of starting.

All we are asking for is a sit down and talk things over as to what he wants from us and vice versa and all he keeps saying is he does not want anything from us and he is quitting his trucking job and disappearing. We still believe someone put him up to this.

If any other wife had this to deal with, please we need advice and do not suggest counseling, he won't go and I am not wasting my time to see one by myself for him. You cannot change another person.

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Jun 21, 2016
To the last commentor NEW
by: Anonymous

If that is your name Tommy, yo, Tommy boy, this is how much you know, and I do not care about you but really everyone I know and I have plenty of friends, they all say who would really want to be married to a trucker, truckers get major attitude problems and not EVERYTHING starts out by truck, a lot of stuff comes by rail or cargo ship before it gets loaded onto a trailer and I see you have an attitude - that is the problem with truckers, you all think because you drive a big rig down a highway and everything people own comes by truck, you all think you are the king and kings of the highway and you own it, well most major accidents happen by 18 wheelers and all my friends and co-workers feel the same way that I do, as a matter of fact, if you read some other posts, there are several wives in here that are having a negative situation with their trucker husband, besides me, so go take your nap in Romper Room and get off your high horse, even my friends say if being married to a trucker was so great, this site wouldn't be here, and truck stops are overrun by lot lizards, and whenever cops are looking for a drifter, who do they suspect who did it, but an otr trucker, but I can see from your comment, you are just another trucker that has an attitude which comes with the territory, so go to the supermarket and get yourself some baby diapers and a pacifier! And I am glad to see that I ruffled your feathers!!

Jun 20, 2016
would you like NEW
by: Anonymous

Me to get out from behind the wheel so that you can drive instead?

Please tell me that you are not do hypocritical as to complain on a computer, wearing clothes, using tampons, toilet tissue and bottled water? Even your meds, food and bed...

How about everything you own...because at some point it was on a truck. Trust me, if you got it, a truck brought it.

Now tell me this, since you are so eager to respond ....what, in this conversation disqualifies me as a driver? Just because I call you out on your bullsh#t?

And pray tell, have you figured out why any truckers wives haven't responded to you?

Let me save you the trouble.

A "real" truckers wife is someone to be admired. Even if she was upset with her husband, she isn't going to come here to hate on ALL truckers because she knows its an individual thing, not a problem as a whole that can be blamed on a group of individuals.

I'm really sorry that you aren't feeling well, but you aren't doing much to fix your issues.

I still can't believe you actually detailed your sexual problems, regardless of where you "thought" you posted...and then had the nerve to tell everyone that you akready shared your story with a physician....who then got sick....

I won't be responding to you anymore as I feel I am arguing with an infant.

We aren't getting anywhere, you obviously DO need help....and the guy who runs this site does the same job I do (and you hate him, remember?)

Guess who is going to be able to help you most?

The answer is: YOU!

venting is all you managed to do here... and to annoy someone.

We all know that there are TWO sides to a story, but you want everyone to believe that you've been this perfect little angel...and a victim...

And you decided to spit in the face if everyone here. I would like to believe that you are not who you say you are (for the sake if all the good women here)

and that you are just here to hate....maybe you are an angry man who dealt with your own "fecal matter"....who knows? Maybe you should have asked about that before participating? Seems kind of obvious to me that if you step in dog poop, you are gonna track it into the house...

Good luck ( whoever you are)

Be careful around the bigrigs, we can't stop on a dime or see you if you are hanging around us....hating...:)

I'm out.

Sorry Herv ~

I won't stoop to this level again on your TRUCKERS forum.

I will continue to offer advice and support to the women who want to know what we REALLY do out here. I know that its rough being a truckers wife. I got nothing but respect for the women that hang in there and understand the loneliness and separation that we feel.

What we do can make a grown man cry as he misses his son's baseball game or his daughters graduation.

This life is equally tough on both parties.

I don't care if you work in an office and are home every night. People are people and we can be really bad people, but you make a choice.

I would say that a man who works in an office with women every day will probably have more dirt on him than a trucker who is alone, thousands of miles from home...just missing his wife and kids.

The truckers who get involved with the dirty underbelly of this industry are few...and usually don't have families at home waiting for them.

We suffer just as much as our women do and its nothing short of spectacular to see them waiting happily for us when we get home.

Who else do you know of that has a furry pet living in his vehicle with him?

Surely not "Mr. Home-every-night-9 to 5."

Sad state of affairs...this conversation.

Without truckers America would starve. They say it would take less than 24 hours for New York to shut down without the daily deliveries of just water and fuel (from trucks)

End rant.

Goodbye ~ :)


Jun 20, 2016
This is how much you know NEW
by: Anonymous

To the last person who commented why I was in a trucker's forum, that is because I entered my story on trucker's wives, not trucking blog, I can't help it if someone redirected this onto a trucking blog & not the one I intended it to go on. And also it was a trucker that caused Tracy Morgan his problems & his friend got killed over it & yes everyone I run into have no respect for truckers. If anyone needs to grow up is you, if you are a trucker, you need to get away from behind the wheel!

Jun 20, 2016
You need... NEW
by: not anonymous

to get off of this forum.

I'm surprised Herv would allow this.

I know he doesn't have time to read everything, but you are not going to solve your problems by venting here on a trucker's forum and choosing truckers as your target by which to expel your hatred and discontent

As far as an accident involving a trucker, you cannot speak on this unless you were there. You don't know the details and obviously you don't know what we do as professional drivers

it is the general public that is the largest hazard out here.

I have no idea what you are doing on a truckers forum. My guess is, you are spewing your bullsh#t on every truckers forum out here.

It just so happens that this forum (which is a good forum) is tolerating your garbage dump.

I'm out

Grow up little girl

Life is Short

Dont overdo your meds.

Jun 19, 2016
I am glad I hit a nerve with you NEW
by: Anonymous

To the one that just commented, I am glad to see I hit a nerve with you! Thank you! And I am not the only one that dislikes truckers, one of my neighbors had a friend of theirs got hit by a tractor & the person is paralyzed thanks to that trucker!!

Jun 19, 2016
so... NEW
by: Anonymous

Basically, you just wrote a book, you stereo-typed all of us, and began with "I hate all truckdrivers"


You want advice from us after the big kiss and the unnecessary gory details of your sexual behavior...and the fact that you allowed this?

Your doctor did NOT throw up. Think about that. Like its the worst they've seen or heard....they would have to choose another profession if something like this caused them to regurgitate.

You must be young.

I will tell you this: I've been out here longer than you've been alive I'm sure...

Although now divorced, I never cheated or dabbled with hookers.

My ex was the one who couldn't stay true, and she has every excuse in the world for her behavior ( back then)

Working, being a good father and husband was all I ever tried to do.

Today its just simply loving my job and my kids and grandkids.

I don't have the time or the where-with-all for the back-stabbing f#-kkery that goes on in relationships these days (add some social media in there for dome more immediate distaste)

You want advice? Opinions?

I say "shame on YOU" for the misleading story and the one-sidedness along with the judgmental stereotyping of all of us good guys. Nothing short of hateful racism really.

Have fun bad-mouthing and story- telling. It seems to be the one thing you just might be good at.

You hit a nerve. Surely I'm not the only one who felt it.


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