I am not a driver but I am a drivers wife.

by Julie
(Indiana USA)

There isn't much of a story to tell. The point is true on what you wrote about impacting a family. Lucky for my family we aren't like what you wrote. I have been married to my truck driving man going on 17 years.

I am a 32 year old stay at home mom....we have 6 kids....my husband has been driving truck all of our marriage. Yes it is a hard life but I know that driving a truck makes him happy and that's what I want...I want him to do what he is happy doing and I will always be right here at home waiting for him to return.

I talk to him quite a bit on the phone and the kids are able to talk to him to.So we get to stay in touch. It was and still is hard on the kids because their daddy isn't here to watch all their games and school programs, but they understand why their dad is out on the long lonely road all the time.

It is true a lot of marriages don't work out because one of the spouses is gone driving truck or whatever. I just wanted to share my thoughts and to let you know that I am one of the few truckers wives that keep the home front going.

I have learned how to become strong and let him do this. Yes I miss him lots, more then anything can explain and I worry about him so much out there, anything can happen, but I have faith that he will be safe and come home soon.

So if any one reads this that has a partner driving truck...just hang in there and give him or a her a chance and let them do what makes them happy and if you love and trust your partner then don't ever let other people tell you that he isn't being faithful to you while he is out there......I did drive truck with my husband for about a year and it isn't an easy job to do.

People think that trucking is an easy job but really I couldn't do it day after day. I decided it would be better to stay at home and have my children and keep things going at home so when he does come home for his short visit he can rest.

Well that is my story , I know it isn't much but being a truckers wife is great and I am very proud of my trucker and I am even prouder to be a truckers wife.

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Jun 04, 2015
Love My Trucker NEW
by: Stacy

Just over a month ago I met my Trucker boyfriend Ray on match.com. We both divorced! At the very beginning he explained what he did and I must admit I was ready to run for the hills but he was very interesting and easy to talk to. The first 4 days he was on the road and we spent 30 hours on the phone. By the time he got home I felt we already knew so much about one another. It has been 33 days and I'm head over heels for him. We don't have any young children at home although I do have a full time job. I make great money but hate my job. I know in my heart that some day we will be married and I really look forward to that! We have talked about marriage and traveling and although I'm not sure that I would ever want to get my CDL I do want to go on the road with him. We will keep a home or small apartment here and I will have to come home and spend time with my daughter and Grandson periodically. I LOOK FORWARD TO OUR FUTURE TOGETHER AS HUSBAND AND WIFE! AS WELL AS PILOT AND CO-PILOT! LOL

Mar 25, 2013
Truckers Wife 26yrs old
by: Shan

Hi everybody,

I have been with my husband for 5 years, we recently got married a month ago. We have 2 boys, 3 and 1.

It's so hard being home alone the majority of the time, especially with 2 young children and I also work full time.

I find myself crying alot. He has been driving since my oldest was 6 months old. He also has another child that he has to spend time with as well when he comes home, as well his brothers and nephews.

So when he comes home, i feel that his time is stretched so thin over 2 days, and i get the short end of the stick. I feel like if we can't find time together as husband and wife that our relationship may fail in the long run.

After 5 days at home alone caring for our kids, i just miss him so much and want us to take a day together and relax, alone. I feel we needed that.

Maybe i miss him too much and maybe its a bad thing for the type of life we have. But its so hard even after these 3 years.

Feb 15, 2013
Thank You
by: Malinda

My husband is taking a trucking job and I have not been happy, in fact I've been crying for the past 4 days... Finally reading your posts and watching Jennifer and Keith's video has really opened my eyes.

Thank You so much.

Jul 25, 2010
new at being a truckers wife
by: chanda

hi , thanks for what you wrote. it has been hard on me that my hubby is a truck driver. we live in two different states right now . me in Indiana and he in Maryland .

we are trying to move back into our home in west va. he has been driving for a little over a year now. i miss him so much and i worry about him a lot until i hear from him. he doesn't call me that often and sometimes my mind tends to wonder a little thinking about what he is doing.

its really hard on our daughter she will be turning 7 soon. she misses him terribly . need some support from other trucker wives . im 34 .

Oct 20, 2008

i just want to make a short story here....i have been through and through this site and i think it is great....i really do think julie and jennifer can help a lot of people out there. i know i put my wife through the ringer at first...i didn't realize how hard it was for her to have me gone

at first she didn't realize why i wanted to do this...but she is a wonderful woman and it didn't take her long to adjust to my wanting to drive a big rig.

she has been dealing with me driving for about 16-17 years...she was only 16 when we got married but she knew that driving made me happy. i wouldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for her. she is my support and keeps me going through thick and thin. but i also know she is happy now with me driving a big rig. she devoted her life to me and the kids and she does whatever it takes to make us all happy.

i know she still deals with a lot at home our youngest is going on 3 yrs and our oldest is 18,we have 6 kids total. i take my hat off to her for everything she does. i am so lucky to have her in my life. she has raised our kids in all the best possible ways there is out there and they are great mannered kids. she takes time to explain to the kids where i am and if possible when i was always due to be home. she had to explain to them why i couldn't make it to their games and school concerts and i must says she handled it well. she handled it better then i did....lol....the kids understand why i drive and i am lucky enough to always be able to talk to them whenever they want.

i salute all wives out there who take care of things at home like my wife does. and every time i come home she is always there with the kids to greet me. i miss my family very much while i am gone....there isnt a second that they dont go through my mind....well i just wanted to add in a short story here and to say that i think julie and jen will do good at helping others....so all you trucker keep safe out there and the spouses of the truckers hang in there......later rod

Oct 17, 2008
The Perfect Trucker
by: The Crazy Trucker


There are not many stories that can touch it. I really admire you ladies that hold it down at home.
I don't know if people, some husbands included really think about how difficult it is to do what it is that you do too.

That's why I wanted to do the tribute page to you ladies.

You and Jennifer are exactly the kind of truckers wives that the page was intended for and I am sure your husbands are very proud to have you.

Not only that, I am sure your wisdom and insight will help a lot of other very scared young ladies to better cope with being a trucker's wife. In turn keeping their relationships healthy.

Thanks for your story.
Feel free to share again.

Take Care

Oct 15, 2008
Hi Five ;)
by: Jennifer Schnittker

Hi Julie,

I had to look around and post another comment to find your "story". I agree with you-although-you are an old hand at this. I am still recently new. only 10 months thus far, I fought it (as My story told) for the first 7 months or so. Almost to the point that I wanted a divorce. I have since realized that the man is my best friend, and I needed to reevaluate me, not him. Anyway, its kewl to see that you drove with him for a year. That is mine and Keith's plan. He drives until our last is grown (she is 10 now) then I will get my CDL and team with him. Our kids are growing quickly-25,24,20, 19, 17,15, 10...(3 are his, 4 are mine) so its not like we have little ones running around.

I go with him as much as possible, and when possible. We have one of those relationships that we could literally be with each other 24/7--FOREVER, and not have a problem with it, or need space. On his last job, I literally got out of the truck, (in the middle of winter) and helped him strap, and tarp--got really good at it. His new job however is a side kit. He likes it much better. Unfortunately I am not allowed to go with him at this point with this company. One of the other truckers for this company had a wreck, hitting the back of a truck-said he turned around to look at his wife, and did not see the other truck infront of him----needless to say there is a ban on riders--i hope it is not forever. Anyway, I would love to keep in contact, its nice to get to know other truckers wives. my yahoo messenger is iikissmygritsii just put your name in the subject ;)

Sep 15, 2008
that is a awesome story
by: Anonymous

that is a cool story...almost brought tears to my eyes....god bless all truckers and their family's and may god be with then and their family's while they travel that lonely road....
jamie phillips

Sep 13, 2008
by: jake edison

that's so kool that makes me want to do stuff like that but the army is what i want

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