Hubby is new to OTR and it saved our marriage

by Amber

My husband has been a truck driver for awhile but just started OTR, lemme tell ya it's been so hard! It takes me awhile to get back into the swing of thing alone.

I love love love when he is home! We talk everyday, skype almost every night (depending when he has to drive). I have to tell ya this time is the hardest I am an emotional wreck! I was actually able to take a whole week off of work and have spent every second together.

It's been great, it wasn't always like that though. He was doing a local trucking job, but eventually he was laid off and was having a really hard time finding anything else. He was home all the time and I was working my butt off to make ends meet. We were just fighting all the time about EVERYTHING.

The week before he left we were actually talking about divorce too it was that bad, sadly ;(. But once he started his OTR our attitudes just flipped, crazy right?! Since he started OTR 4months ago we haven't fought not even a little tiff.

I guess my thing is, don't take advantage of the time you have with your trucker. When he is on the road, take care of business and stay busy. When he comes home love him hard and let them relax.

If anybody has more advice I'm open to it. I am finding it hard to find different stuff to keep busy with. We don't have kids just the cutest 4lb chihuahua. :)

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