how hard my trucker has to work to make ends meet.....

by laurie
(delaware ohio delaware county)

I have been married for 22 yrs to a trucker he is a blessing to our family works very hard and is dedicated to the profession that is so often taken for granted .

Our life is a struggle one of which is being lonely and missing my husband we have three daughters who have been raised with dad in the truck. he is a great man and a great dad , it is so hard though when he works and is gone or just plain wore out from driving .

Our girls adore their dad we also have two grandsons who love papas truck. i dont know how to explain how it is to people who have never been there but to the women who live my life everyday know and understand how hard it is , being alone as a single mom knowing my husband wont be home for ball games plays and etc the birth of our grandchildren , or just everyday things and time we can never get back .

its a sacrifice for our whole family , my husband said to me today that he never realized how very hard he has to work to just get by , he works so hard and we live very frugally and we still struggle so hard .

i am thankful my husband has a job. and thankful for all the time he works so hard for us . its hard to not be able to plan things or look forward to spending time together something always happens , so in all these years i have lost the gift of looking forward to anything i am thankful God allows him to come home to us.

I guess I am selfish in my thinking there has to be a middle ground . These companies run our men to death and truckers get a bad rap I respect our truckers , just like most things in life let there be one bad trucker and all are put into a group of bad , I dont believe that at all.

God bless the truckers and their families ... keep them safe and please bring them home.

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Jul 30, 2010
getting the most Revenue for least expense
by: Anonymous

To all the truckers and their wives,

I've been a driver manager and spent some times on the road working with a trainer. The money I spent just eating took up the majority of my income during that time.

There are tools drivers can use reduce their expences on road and actually live healthier lives.

To start with, work with your husband to develop a budget. Line out what you need to run the household while he is on the road. Next work out a food budget for him. I suggest padding it just a little bit. There may be occassions when he will not have the opportunity to get groceries.

I recommned strongly a weekly stop at the Grocery store for milk, cereal, sandwhich materials and drinks. Do not buy soda's from the fast food joints. Those will run up your food bill fast.
Not to mention, soda is really not good for the body.

As to the question of increasing the pay for drivers. Companies will pay more for reliable drivers. Additionally, companies are more willing to give loads to reliable drivers therefor reliable drivers generally get first dibs for loads.

May 31, 2010
helping out
by: Anonymous

i read your site about extra income very informative i too have thought alot about what i could do to bring in extra income , the bad thing is alot of things to do takes money to invest i guess the old adage it takes money to make money , i rack my brain trying to think of a way i have cleaned homes , worked odd jobs but since my trucker is gone and im alone with the kids i dont have the ability to leave my home i also keep my grandson full time in our home along with babysitting for his brother , oh how i wish i could come up with a plan i will continue to try your site has inspired me , thanks laurie

May 31, 2010
making ends meet.
by: Hervy

Hi Lauri, thanks for that insight about life as a truckers wife.

You situation is a common theme among trucker that I hope to see become less common one day.

I agree we need to be compensated more fairly. Even if we were paid for the down time sitting and waiting it would change things a lot. We know that won't happened until companies are forced to do so.

You will have to see what ways you 2 can try and earn extra money to help out. I finally just finished a page to try and spark the thoughts and ideas which might help couple such as yourself out.

Making Extra Money

Let me know what you think.

Hope it helps to provide hope,

May 30, 2010
God Bless Your Husband and all truckers!
by: Trudi

Amen Laurie, well said. God Bless you and your family.

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