How Do You Make Make Him Less Stressed and Worry Free

by Trabby
(United States)

My trucker and I have been dating for a little over 2 months. I'm in my early 20's, no children, and living in his house already (he asked me to move in after a month).

He is in his early 30's, divorced, and has two children. He hasn't dated anyone since he dated his ex over 10 years ago so he is always worrying he isn't a good enough boyfriend to me.

The first month he was gone was easy..he'd call several times a day and was always in a good mood.

He's gone again and the calls are less frequent and he's soo stressed about bills and work. He hasn't gotten back into the trucking mood and he's been gone almost a week.

I feel terrible that he's stressed out and there's nothing I can do to cheer him up. I fear that he will think he isn't good enough for me and is burdening me and would dump me. We get along very well but I've never seen him so depressed before.

He says he isn't crabby towards me at all but I think he's afraid ill someday up and leave like his ex did. I reassure him everyday that Ill always be there for him to vent and that I'm crazy for him.

He is such a worrier and is so used to being alone that he isn't used to sharing his problems to me. I know he's in love with me, I just wish he wouldn't be so stressed out about everything.

How do you ladies make your men feel better about all their stress when you're so far away from each other for weeks at a time?

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Oct 30, 2013
TLC for your trucker NEW
by: Anonymous

Truckers are under extreme amounts of stress and lack of sleep. They make thousands of decisions and have to deal with stupid people on the road. It is a very hard life and you need to be prepared to handle the stress. Loving on him giving him TLC a good hot home cooked meal. Massages are great stress relief. Let him talk about it be a good listener. I am on the road with my husband now and I love it. I have been with him 3 months at a time. This time we sold everything and are living on the road to save money for a house and catch up on bills. And remember his ex might be giving him a hard time and he may be missing his kids. Like i said it is a hard way of life. Be supportive and show you care about what he goes through.

Oct 23, 2013
Response NEW
by: Anonymous

That's a terrible deal right there!

Luckily my boyfriend doesn't have to deal with that sort of problem.. he's his own boss.. he just hauls cars across the country for dealerships and whoever else wants stuff moved.

I hope your trucker finds different work that he'll enjoy a lot more soon.

Oct 22, 2013
Difficult NEW
by: T

I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. Being a driver is very stressful & unfortunately they are not treated the best by anyone they encounter on a daily basis. It's a very high stress job and they don't get much sleep or get to shower on a regular basis.
Hang in there...all you can do is continue to be there for him.
My guess is he won't last very long in the industry sorry to say and will want to find something less stressful!
I am sort of going through the same thing but have been with my man for 12 years +. He just started driving in December last year and is already looking for something else. Way too stressful and no money. Last week he didn't get a paycheck at all after the company made him pay for $400(50%) of an APU unit that needed repair. He is a company driver so we don't understand how that can be but there is nothing we can do.
I wish you the best!

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