Home Remedy For Getting Rid Of Bed Bug

Is there anyone that can give me help or advice on getting rid of bed bugs doing an at home remedy.

When my husband was on home time last time which was 3 weeks ago & after he left I was waking up & noticing red rashes on me that were not itchy but I do have very fair skin & these red rashes stand out like a neon sign.

Now before he came home for home time, him & his team driver were holed up in a motel down in Texas not too far from the Mexican border because their truck had to get repairs & they spent an entire week in this motel & changing rooms about 3 times a week.

I have my young daughter sleeping with me because she feels comfortable & content sleeping with me while my husband is on the road & she, too, has red rashes.

We went to a dermatologist & she took a biopsy on me, which I am glad she did me & not my daughter because my left shoulder feels like I have a bad sunburn but anyhow she called me a week later & said the lab confirmed that we are getting bit & I told my husband this & of course he blames it on the maintenance man bringing them in when he caulked our bathroom & he blamed it on the new people that moved in across the hall saying they could have brought them in & they crawled under the door, yeah right!

When I told him that the dermatologist said it
is highly unlikely that they came from my maintenance man or the new neighbors but it comes from staying in hotels & luggage.

I then said to my husband what would he have said if the maintenance man never came in to caulk the bathroom or we got new neighbors? He then got very defensive & said well then I would blame myself, oh it's always my fault!

I told him to grow up! I called several exterminators & I did not like their reply. They said to me that since I live in an apartment building, I would need the manager's approval for them to come out in case they have to dig up the carpet.

I am trying to avoid that because we just got a new manager & if she tells the maintenance man this, he is the worst walkie talkie around - he would spread it around the whole complex & then I could have problems with my neighbors.

So if anyone out there has had the same problem & tried stuff like from a store, etc. because we sure don't have $5,000.00 to keep laying out for treatments every time my husband gets to stay at a hotel on the road while truck is broke down & then gets to come home & bring unwanted guests.

Also I told the dermatologist that my husband claims he has no marks on him & she told me she has seen plenty of couples that sleep together & the husband is never bitten but the wife is eaten alive. Any advice would sure be appreciated.


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