He's my world

After almost 20 years together... joined at the hip, I'm now lucky to see him every two to three months

I'm blessed, because he's only doing this so I can chase my dreams. I'm going to school, making something of myself. He's so proud of me, my grades, and the work I do at home.

But I miss him so bad sometimes. He's not just my husband, he's my best friend. Thanks to cell phones and headsets I can call him whenever I want, and that helps. But some days it's not enough - I miss his touch. I miss his smell.

When he comes home, I spend the first hour curled up in his lap in tears. I've never felt so weak. I try so hard not to guilt him. I appreciate what he's doing for me more than I can express.

But my heart aches so much, so often.

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