Hello Wives and Truckers

by Victoria Voecks
(Colorado springs co)

Well Ladies my name is Victoria my husband calls me snugglebuggs im 24 recently got married(July 13,2015) to my best friend soul mate he's been driver for 15 going on 16yrs (long haul).

I went with him it wasn't bad at all I think that what brought us closer ;) right...to the world he's a trucker but to me that trucker is my world. Although sometimes its hard very hard to be away from him for so long especially when we got married he was here for 2 days and then had to leave so we really didn't get that honeymoon.

We were both looking for but it all turned out fine the next month but yet its scary seeing him leave its terrifying when he calls or were on the phone and the weather is acting like the planet doesn't exist or people no longer live in it or crazzzzyyy ass drivers that don't know how dangerous cutting a trucker off is or they just don't care I bet they'll care when they get hit :( its scary to think about that stuff but anywho

The positive side I have notice is when he comes back home in my arms its like reunited for the first time seeing him makes his job well worth the wait hopefully soon I will be with him always so I don't have to worry about him or those nasty lot lizards lol

With love and peace to you and yours -Snugglebuggs

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Oct 29, 2015
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Oct 04, 2015
Lot Lizards.... NEW
by: Anonymous

should be the least of your worries....

Bad weather, fatigue, stress, addiction the that grind (if nothing else)... and you dont wanna raise your kids alone....if and when you have them.

Truckdrivers have a tendency to miss those school plays or those baseball games, awards ceremonies and even most holidays... especially long haul OTR drivers.

just remember, you chose him, he chose you. Distance and time away will manifest some difficult times for you as you age. Trust me.

People are "community" animals. Truckers tend to develop "Lone Ranger' tendencies. We chose a lifestyle that is not entirely conducive to that "happy family" lifestyle.

I'm trying to be honest, not negative, unfortunately the two can go hand in hand at times.

He has to prepare for that long haul... and so do you. Those years away grind on women.

I've been in the business for over 35 years.

Trucker's wives deserve more respect than most.

Why? Because not only do you sacrifice a lot, you also give a lot more than most women.

Remember this also: anything that you do while he is on the road affects him, and leaves him helpless. He stresses, he becomes distracted... he may even lose his profession over a woman and be forced to make a choice.

Families of truckdrives gotta be tough.... for the long haul.

God bless ~

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