He seems happier away than at home

My husband "J" has been a trucker only a short time doing regional hauling. He is home a couple days every 2 to 3 weeks. I know he enjoys his job but it's tough being without him so much. He's had other jobs with irregular hours. Our marriage has been shaky for a while. I try to be supportive and understanding but I don't always get that in return. I think we could possibly solve many of our issues if he was around more. I am proud of what he chooses as his living. Honestly I feel it may hasten the end of our marriage.

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May 31, 2016
Away NEW
by: Angela

Perhaps its easier for him to be away than to deal with your emotional needs.

I became a separate person when my husband was away. Had my own hobbies and friends, but none of it full filled my emotional and intimate needs. My predicament actually created the opposite of what you said. "I" seem happier when he is away than at home.

Either nip this in the bud now or you will have issues later.

Communicate your needs and communicate them often (not harpy, and don't "hint".) Men are logical creatures but can be emotionally dense. You have to tell him clearly of your needs and you have to remind him often.

May 13, 2016
Time to drive NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes trucking is hard on a marriage if u r truly in love if not it great lol. I've waited till my boys were grown now I'm 60 but I'm going for it cause its in my blood I have to at least try my wife has kept me from it but nomore .

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