Hardest thing u will ever do in your marriage

You ask what its like... Ive been married to my trucker for over 5 years now.. I married him when he was a trucker, so I knew what I was getting into... or did I??? NO I DID NOT!

When we first met, I went out on the road with him, and was with him every day since except for when we first got married, I had to stay home for about 6 months to get some health things taken care of.

Recently we came off the road so he could find a local job, and so we could buy a home, and attempt to start a family.. Turns out, there are not many local jobs in this area.

Soooooooo today I did the hardest thing Ive ever done in our marriage... I had to say goodbye to my life, my love, my heart and backbone. He had to get on a bus today to go to orientation.

You ask what its like? Its heartbreaking, there is no other way to say it. You think of all the things he does when he is home, and know that he wont be there to do it anymore.

You think of how much he is there for you to hold you and night, and now.... He cant.... But the hardest thing is knowing that you aren't alone...

You are still at home, probably balling your eyes out, but he is on that bus, headed to some place he has never been (the new company) and you know that he misses you, wants to hold you, and be there for you as much as you want him to be, but it just cant happen..

You ask how we cope... That's the easiest answer ever.... We cope because we have to.. We adapt, we call our hubby/wife about 5000000000000 times a day, and we keep him/her in our hearts, in our thoughts and we PRAY... CONSTANTLY...

No its not easy, in fact it probably gets harder every time he has to go... But we have to keep our heads up.. Mainly because no matter how much we miss them, they miss us more..

They sleep in a smaller bed, eat yucky truck stop food, deal with traffic, lack of sleep, crappy dispatchers...

AND MOST IMPORTANT, they aren't home with us!!!!!!

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