Happy Days Ahead

by Barbara

My husband has been driving for about a year and a half now , we have a great strong relationship with 34 years of marriage and a lot of trust.

You seem to always hear the bad stuff about us. it's hard not having your husband home very often, but we stay in tough everyday or every other day.

Sometimes he's home for a day or two , and sometimes it's only a few hours, and he barley has enough time to sh*t shower and shave , while i do his laundry and we help get his stuff together while he runs around cursing the place.

We have a grandchild we raise, my dad with Alzheimers lives with us. We have horses , and dogs, and i work a full time job too, so is it always worth it? HELL YEAH.

He is doing something he enjoys, making a fair wage, but in any strong relationship or marriage, you just learn to work together.

Your hearts grow stronger each time they are gone, and is it lonely? Yeah sometimes i REALLY miss him, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and you really appreciate each other more.

Someday we will get to slow down, hopefully before we fall apart mentally and physically. I support my truck driving husband all the way .

He 's proud to be part of moving America and keeping business' going, so in the end, we all win.

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