Happily Married To Someone Who Loves the Road

by Patti

Before I talk about my wonderful husband, I'll start with this; My great grandfather, grandfather and father are all truck drivers. My husband naturally is a truck driver.

My husband chose to go OTR about 2 years ago. If not for the sanctity of marriage being as important to him as it is to me, his unfailing moral beliefs and easy laid back personality I'd not have been comfortable with him being on the road so much.

He makes it home for about 40 hours most weeks and not at all on others. It depends where his freight needs to go.

I have learned over the past two years, it is important to keep yourself busy at home whether with the kids, animals, hobbies, housework or volunteer activities in the community.

I've read a few stories here about ladies getting "lonely". Well, sorry girls - SUCK IT UP!! Your man is out there facing idiotic people who don't know how to drive a car let alone a big rig, text and drive right into his path more than he's ever going to admit to you, and deals with people messing up his "schedule" constantly.

Truck drivers have to have the patience of a saint or they couldn't do their jobs well. He could be at a delivery two hours prior to his appoint time and something could go wrong and he's stuck there for an additional 10 hours; like or not - he wants to get paid, he stays put.

How would you like it if you're hair salon was off by even an hour on your appointment time and you got stuck waiting. You'd be pretty miffed.

So next time you're feeling lonely, think about the last time he was home and he put his arms around you and made you feel special because you are his.

When he gets home, make him a nice hot dinner; all his favorites and cozy up for a snooze on the couch or take a nice walk (after he's napped) holding hands and let him vent about the week or month he's had.

Take it all in and smile knowing, he does this all for you and the family you have or will have one day. He's the one on the road lonely, but if he's a good man like mine and so many others that get a bad rap based on a few immoral morons appreciate his sacrifice and make him feel special for a change.

It makes it that much easier for him to hit the road again when his time comes to go. He'll really be looking forward to getting home to you again soon.

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