Good ideas for the newbies, maybe? (From a truckers girlfriend)

by Heather

Alright so I have read through a LOT of the stories below and it honestly makes me sad. So here's something I have to say.

My Boyfriend is in school as of right now for trucking and one of the best schools at that. Since he has worked with dump trucks and logging trucks before he is acing this shit. I'm extremely proud of him because he already knows how to shift without the clutch and such so his instructors are very impressed.

The schooling is a month long and I've never been that long without him. On top of that he has been pre-hired by a company and they want him at one of their company buildings the 4th day after graduating the class.

I'll have maybe 3 days to be with him before he goes off to the company for 2 months of training. now this is optional, but he also has the option to earn $500 extra if he decides to go straight to working with a team after training instead of having a week break.

He tells me "I need to bring you home the bacon!" so of course he's going to take that offer. But when he's working with teams, depending on what the schedule he and his team member work out.

I might see him for 2 days every other week or not at all for 3 months. That total is roughly 6 months of barely seeing him, or not at all.

Now Here's my idea/advice.

Number 1: if you are new to this as am I, Do NOT have kids! Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but if you read through the other stories, most of the women who have kids have too much on their plate and are stuck in a corner. some on the other hand are fine and I salute them.

But let be honest, with today's society having a kid is something difficult unless you have your life in the palm of your hands and are doing great on funds.

number 2: This next idea is something my very own boyfriend suggested! My man has a very open mind and told me that having a GIRLFRIEND might be an option. Now I know a lot of people are not for that because at first I too was thinking "eehhhh" but then I thought "hmmm..."

He told me that whether I had just a girl as a friend or an actual girlfriend It would allow me to have someone to be happy with while he was gone and that he completely understood.

Or if your man is okay with it then you could get another man but I honestly don't want to deal with two men in my life haha. So what if you just can't love another woman? I too had that thought and he told me that there's always the option to have a female roommate. it'd also be safer that way in case anything bad were to happen while at home and you can't help yourself.

So taking those thoughts into consideration it leaves people like us wives, fiance's, and girlfriends a lot of time to straighten out what WE want to do in life. That's just my two cents so if this is any help then let me know.

Or comment with your ideas as well!

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