Good bye is so hard!

My fiance just came home for almost an entire week to upgrade his license and spend some time with us after being gone almost 3 whole months training to be an OTR driver. Our time with him was very much treasured and we enjoyed every moment we had together.

I worry constantly about him being out there on the open road and think of him every waking moment.We have a very healthy, loving, respectful relationship so my worries are not that of trust.

I just worry so much about his safety even though I know he is very good at driving the trucks.He's great at anything he does!

I know he is working so hard to support us and there is not a second that goes by that I don't appreciate what he is doing and thank God for our many blessings.

I know he will not be gone for as long this time but saying good bye was like taking a knife to the chest.

I do all the things people have suggested such as keeping busy with hobbies, friends and family but there are times this separation gets the best of me.

Do any of you have any other ideas on how to handle the good bye and separation?

I look forward to the next time we get to see him and cannot wait but today I'm overwhelmed with sadness!

Seeing that rig pick him up right at the end of the driveway was heart breaking.

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