From everyday contact to none. Cold Turkey

by TearyEyed

Hello. I'm new to this all myself. My husband is at orientation this week before the training period and already i'm crying.

Im staying busy with school and work. Yet when I stop I start to cry. I know I am being dumb but we have not been apart.

The only time we aren't together is when I am in school and work. Yet we also are always on the phone or texting each other.

Now with training he won't be able to talk to me until night time.

Even now he is unable to talk to me during his lunch because of my class. I know he is excited about it all and I am so proud of him. I don't want to stress him out over me missing so much.

He already is stressed over everything else. I'm just not sure how much more I can do to not have free time to miss him or maybe I am still not sure at how to deal with just not being there to talk to.

I'm not sure what i'm gonna do for four weeks of his training and with the threat that his training might be longer.

I think ill dehydrate from crying every night.....

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Jan 14, 2013
Count Your Blessings
by: Anonymous

If you both have survived 36 years together and have been pleased, this next 7 weeks will be a drop in the bucket!!!

Most people cant even make it to 7 years in a marriage...count your blessings..and a big congratulations on your blessed marriage of 36 years!! :)

Jan 11, 2013
i'm in almost the same position
by: Anonymous

My husband of 36 years is on the road with a trainer, he went to cdl school but kept telling me he was going to be doing local only.... then suddenly in less then ten days after graduation he is on the road for over 8 week in training. (it was a miracle I got him prepared to leave-we even had to buy him a cell phone)his trainer won't let him call home even on down time from his bunk! when he tries to call home i hear the trainer making sarcastic comments in the background.

- he called me briefly this morning, and I heard his trainer saying something to him, then him replying 'i'm going to use the bathroom' I could tell that he was sneaking a phone call home-

-(is this normal for a trainer to not let a guy call home even on supper or at night in a bunk?)

i was trying to text him here and there throughout the day, figuring he had his phone off so when he had time would read the messages to keep him 'in the loop' about 5 text messages a day.
i called occasionally and left a voice mail, which i found out he wasn't able to get.

he was 30 minutes north of us, he called and let me know....i make a bunch of meals/snacks and put together other things for him if he could stop in just to pick up the food and such.... as he wasn't told he could take food with him when he left the first time (i think the trucking industry as a whole could do better with things like this)
next i heard he was 400 miles north,and i froze his meals for him, maybe next time.

Over the 36 years of our marriage it's always been our way to talk about his day, he tells me the good and bad points, we discuss it... he lets it go that way. He is having some sort of problem out there with 'tasks' and I can hear his stress levels going up. He's not even out a week!- he's got another 7 weeks of this! And he won't be home here for at least 3 more weeks

and I am struggling to keep our homestead going-there really wasn't enough time to get things ready for one person to do all the chores ( he normally brings in the wood for the stove, and does the major snow removal- but the snowblower is in pieces, as he didn't finish fixing it before he left-there just wasn't time)

right now I don't know WHAT to think about all this, & i'm not sure he realized quite what he was actually getting into.

Now I was told after this he's getting a local dedicated run where he'll be home at least on weekends, that I can deal with- I won't really like it but I can deal with that for a while.

I am just not sure we're going to survive this next 7 weeks.

Dec 07, 2012
Hey tearyeye lighten up
by: Anonymous

If you think this is stress you haven't seen anything yet. His first year as a driver is going to be doubting ones sentences.

If your going to act like this, then step up to the role of mothering and pick the job "you" want him to do, so you can stop crying..

Let him be a man.. Stop texting him all the time, maybe; just maybe he'll have the time to study and the training time won't be extended.

There are support groups on the net, but, family support is more important. He's going to be away from home a lot, more than you both know. Driving is a tough job, if he doesn't have what it takes, walmarts is still hiring.

Listen tear eye companies let wives go on the road with their husbands, when that day comes take a ride.. Relax it's not the end of the world it's a new beginning.

Nov 29, 2012
Now how you feel!
by: Anonymous

It's normal to feel this way! My hubby has been gone for 2 months, about to get his own truck finally. We never have been apart in 31 years. I cry almost some part of everyday.

It helps though to try to talk every day. Just keep in mind there might be a day while he is driving when you might not talk. Just let him know you love him and are waiting.

There is a group on, wives of truckers, you might want to check out. They have all been there and understand!

Nov 28, 2012
Drink plenty of water! :)
by: Anonymous

Just kidding! Give it some time and see how things go, we humans seem to be able to handle a lot of problems....

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