First Week As A Truckers Wife Is Hell But Still Here

New Neighbors

New Neighbors

My Husband Left Tuesday I Tried To Have The Best Out Look On This As Possible Being New To It But I've Been Threw A Week Of Hell.. Everyone Who Promised To Help If I Needed Ignored Me When I Asked..

I Have Been Chased By Bee's That Took Up Home In My Laundry Room In The Wall The Car Key Broke Off In The Parking Lot Of A Grocery Store.

Took A Hour Of Me And The Workers *Who Where So Kind to Help Me* Locate It..Then Same Day Same Store The Hurricane Messed Up There System No One Could Get Food Had To Put It Back So I Went Home Made Me A Sandwich.

A Couple Days Later The Car Started Flashing Some Kind Of Crazy Error Msg Can't Afford To Get it Checked Cause He Hasn't gotten paid yet .. My Husband Is So Far Away Even If I Complained He Couldn't Help So I Don't ..

Pretty Much Broke Til He Gets His First Paycheck I Try To Look At It Like This At Least I'm Not Totally Alone And I Dare Someone To Try To Come Threw My Laundry Room XD

Yet Here I Am Still Trying To Find A Good Positive
(Can't do laundry cause of the bee's)
So My Thoughts On My First Week As A Truckers Wife..

It Sucks But I'm Still Here... Bee's And All And I Ain't Going Anywhere!

So Ladies My First Week In Here.. Any Thoughts?

And Ya Feel Free To Laugh Cause I Tell You I've Laughed And Cried At This Stuff So Much This Week.

God Bless... A.L

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Oct 09, 2016
Adventures of a trucker wife
by: Hervy

Sounds like life has been exciting! Hope things lighten up for you. Thanks for sharing. Love your upbeat and optimistic attitude.

Being able to laugh at the drama instead of breaking completely down into depression is definitely a good thing.

I understand those bees hate peppermint and cinnamon. Maybe try search natural bee repellent.

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