by Kris Moore
(Battle Creek, MI)

Where do I begin? My story will challenge a response. But before I begin, I would like to leave my e-mail address for anyone to e-mail me a response and maybe we can become on-line friends and keep e-mailing each other for support.

Now, my story. I am 60 years old and my husband lost his job last June. He was on unemployment and looked for work here in our town but found nothing. Unemployment was soon to run out, so he decided to drive truck. I have a long history of major depression and was in the midst of one when he left (and still have it going on). I am not coping with his being gone for 3 months so far, nor am I getting my depression under control.

I'm very confused as my depression started 10 months ago and is not wanting to depart. So between the two, driving and depression, I'm not coping.

He doesn't call so as to not use up his phone minutes. Oh, he'll call, but it's only like once a month. I don't think I can go on trying to cope with both "illnesses".

Please e-mail me so we can talk.



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Jul 04, 2010
Prayer Changes Things
by: Anonymous

Prayer changes things.. You have dot to have faith that things will work out. You have got to find some Joy in your own life that way your not so focused on him... What do you like to do.. Dont sit around by your self find some friends or family members anything to take your mind off of him and what he might or might be doing.. Remember life is short and we only get one chance to live this life.. So love life and stop wasting it sitting around waiting to hear from him ... You are in Power more then you think.. The more he knows that your sitting around watching the phone the less any man will call.. Its called who holds the key.. Go out with friends that a short trip But most of all find some joy in your life... Life fully...
Get you hair done or nails.. you need to get a massage and laugh even when you feel like crying because laughter relieves stress... I hope this helps my sister... remember God loves you....

Mar 27, 2010
Sounds like you need support
by: Kris


We have some where perfect for you. We have a facebook account. We have almost 100 women all in different stages of being a "truckers wife."

We all know personally how hard it is to be a drivers wife.

There is so much support we can offer you, as well as advice.

Please join us here

Look this is difficult, even for those of us that have been here for a while. There is so much we could go into, and idea's how to better cope.

You are welcome to email me any time.

Jennifer Schnittker

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