Finding a trucking job is a job.

by Jimmy

People, I gotta tell you something. I'm noticing a lot of potential truckers that want to get into the business and are poking around this and other websites to gather info, but I get the feeling with a lot of them, that that's all the effort they want to put into it and really nothing more.

I'm directing this at the younger generation. No matter what kind of job you are looking for, you need to be aggresive and assertive. You need to dress for the interview, fill out the app NEATLY, be courteous, lose the piercings, cover the tattoos, show up on time, get some maturity, and be excited about your potential new employer. Read the newspaper and/or watch the news. Be up on current events, some interviewers will make a comment on a current event, and if you give him/her a DUUUUHH look, he/she may just send you home, after the interview of course.

You have to stand out, be sharper than the other applicants. You have to make the employer want to hire you because YOU are better than the others. You are selling yourself, so have something to sell. I've been hired before at places that had 100 plus applicants. You have to make it a full time job to get a job. Jimmy

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