Fiance on call for Sight Seeing Bus

by pinkmonkey
(los angeles,ca)

Been engaged for 6 months, When I met him he drove a regular 9-5, 2 days off per week tour bus.

Now a new job, its being on call for those turn around trips and whatever else they offer. Used to call me throughout the day at the old its maybe once or twice and the conversation is so shallow and detached. Don't like the way it leaves me feeling.

The pay is not substantial for a family no hours guaranteed, doesn't seem to bother him, rather he's loving it...says he's finally found the job he's always wanted...I am a cancer survivor and I need someone who is here to support and celebrate life with me...seems everything is about him and his job now.

Tired of this already...not even a month yet. He even went so far as to tell me if I didn't like it so many words then tuff would be the end of I type this I am getting angry at the way he puts an ultimatum statement...

Wow I believe I am leaning towards letting this go I deserve to be happy.

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