Fiance of a NEW trucker, Help I'm Very Stressed

by Megan

Hello, my Fiance just went out on his first job trucking this is very hard for me because the last four years we've been together I've seen him every day and he was home every night as he worked a regular 8hr shift job.

I'm currently 6 months pregnant with our first child and we share 3 children bye previous relationships that are 10,8 and 3 years question to you lady's is how do you deal with the stress and worries of your spouse being on the road?,how does it effect young children?

I'm thinking the 10&8 year old are ok they understand dad is away but what about my 3 year old that loves him so dearly and he has been her father role model since birth,also the little one on the he gonna know who his father is?,I'm also afraid of my Fiance not making it to the birth because Lord knows what state he could be in!!

I want to be supportive in every way but the days are long and the nights are terrible,it's only been acouple days,does it get easier?? Do children understand that there father is out working not that he's left us??

I love this Man to death and we plan on getting married next year and I'm in this for the long haul because he's definitely worth it. I just need help from you ladies understanding how this job really is and what it does to a family with young children..

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Jan 29, 2015
dont NEW
by: Anonymous

dont over think the situation you are already in. you are putting strain on your body which will effect that baby your pregnant with and the outward stress will effect everyone in you family. Hate to say this and it may sound mean but I am not being mean just reality. You have made your bed now you must lye in it. You have no control over the decisions you have agreed too. Unless you get out of this relationship. So since you know you are not going to leave him and the family unit you must deal with it. go to counseling for your anxiety. go to a support groups/church for guidance and things should get better.

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