Fell in love with long haul truck driver

by Tammy
(Oklahoma City, OK )

Help..I didn't know he was a trucker--till I fell in love..gone for over a month at a time. Is this common to be gone for thus long of a time?

Doesn't text..we communicate via yahoo messenger..at first it was on the date site..then he realized his data plan was kyrocketing....been on dates every time he comes to town..says he supports his 76 yr old mother..never had children..but has lost 3 wives..childbirth..accident on trip..the third died of cancer....

now sending messages farther apart..even said he was in jail for three days a few weeks ago..spotted on road..pulled over..in Montana..they said he fit the description of a man involved in a bar fight driving a truck like his..said it took three days before they looked him over-and realized he had no signs of being in a fight..then let him go..

one wild story follows the previous...now telling me he is worried about his brother in CA who has cancer..talking to Eve..his sister in law..who is "losing It" yet he fails to send a message on the messenger.. this brother he hadn't seen in over 25 years ..up until two months ago..now he is worried that his brute might be to the point the chemo won't work..

I am suspicious because who starts worrying about a brother in California that you haven't seen in all those years..

I just ask for some opinions..am I so blind that I can't see the truth??

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Dec 09, 2016
When they decide that they want to be with you, you'll know it
by: crystle

Even if all this were true and I don't think it is, being with an OTR driver requires more trust than you can ever imagine. They are gone a lot, depending on the company they can be out for a month...although,it sounds to me like this guy wouldn't be very honest about the home time expectations his company has.

You will sleep alone, eat alone, manage the entire house alone including kids, pets, maintenance, and garbage because there is usually no one home to share it and when he is home he's exhausted.
This guy sounds like he's either got something to hide or he just isn't interested anymore and is stringing you along.

Trust me, from my experience and what guys have told me it doesn't take them long to know how they feel and when they love you you'll know it.

When they've decided they want to be with you you'll know it and it'll be a fight to get rid of them. Guys are simple when they're genuine....they're aren't games and drama.

Leave him, Sister and find a guy worthy of you.

Oct 30, 2016
Get rid of him
by: Anonymous

Sorry to see that you fell in love with the wrong type of guy! You will find someone else, give it time, but trust your instincts, because he is using one excuse after another to either avoid you or the relationship!

And if you do find someone else, and they, too, give you a lie after lie, get on your running shoes and run away as fast as possible!

Good luck!

Oct 17, 2016
Let him go
by: Anonymous

Trust is the most important quality to have in a relationship, especially with an OTR. It sounds to me like he's telling stories and not being fully honest with you. My best advice....trust your instincts!

Oct 05, 2016
I see your point
by: Hervy

Hate you're experiencing what you are. I think you are headed in the right direction.

Any one of those things would get a pass (from my judgment of foul play).

It seems strange to me all of those things that you point out are occurring. Very strange.

Ask him, what he plans are for the future with you. You said you are in love, so I think it makes sense to ask this question. Is he in love with you? How serious is he about the relationship. You should find this out.

If he acts as if that is a problem, then that is another strike at best. To me, it should be the final straw.

This is why....

That is a smart and reasonable question. A good man with a sound mind and who cares about you would...

1. Be happy to let you know that are asking and also be happy to put your mind to rest about it.

2. Be happy to have a woman who is smart enough to ask a question like that. One reason is because it also shows your intention for the relationship. (Well if you ask in the right way which lets him know it is because you ARE serious and intend to be there for the long haul)

So take note of how he responds to the question of your future together.

Many guys who are playing games respond to that inquiry as if they are agitated and can't be bothered with that type of talk.

That is ridiculous.

So make sure you are on the same page with the relationship.

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