Feeling forgetten and alone as a truckers wife

I know my husband has a very hard job. I couldn't leave my daughter for weeks at a time. I am proud of him. He is one of the hardest workers I know. He's been trucking for 6 yrs now. It seams like over the past few months, the phone call have been fewer and shorter. I feel forgotten and alone.

I want to lay next to him every night, if he were home. I am however starting to hate his job. Trucking has become more important then asking me how was my day. I MISS HIM! I am a strong woman and have been for 6 yrs but I don't know how much more I can deal with.

I DON't WANT TO BE FORGOTTEN AND ALONE ANYMORE. I pray that things change and he remembers his wife that always wait and wants him to come home.

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Dec 17, 2011
i feel the same way NEW
by: tash

When my boyfriend was working for the company when i met him everything was sweet and heaps of calls and messages. Now he's working for a company that lets him run through where i live 2 times a week I'm in Queensland Australia by the way he's changed i find him more cranky after the first night of being out west and when he comes back thru sometimes he's to cranky to not even talk to me it's starting to take it's toll i have spoke to him about it he seemed understanding and said i know how you feel etc and that the phone calls and texts have eased off because he's cranky and don't wanna take his anger out on me. Yer fair enuff but hey US women ain't the enemy here.

Jun 21, 2011
Feeling forgetten
by: Anonymous

I know the feeling. But it hasnt been 6 years for me. I have starting dating this trucker and we never ever have time for each other. I find it really hard lately. At the beginning it was fun we either emailed every day or talked every other day now its I am getting fewer and fewer calls or emails.

Jun 19, 2011
Frogotten wife

I am new to this but the best advice the I can give is to always be sportive,caring, and loving, And also try not to cry when he leaves home!! They have a hard job and are working for us!You have to learn how to be alone it is not so bad once you get use to it.

Jun 18, 2011
Face to face about the feelings of being forgotten
by: Hervy

To all of the ladies that feel forgotten and alone...

The number one thing I would suggest you do is to sit your husband down for a serious meeting (conversation) with no distractions.

Tell him that you have a very serious matter that you want to discuss that is very important to you. (He needs to fully understand how serious this is)

First ask him what can you do to improve your relationship. (seem counter intuitive I know) This will make him wonder what's wrong if he is clueless as to why your asking.

If he get's upset and tries to end the conversation there, that would be very interesting. (It seems he already know what's wrong and don't want to talk about it, strange if he cares about the relationship)

So let's assume he is concerned, he will want to know why your asking and you proceed to tell him how things seems to have changed and how they have changed in your eyes.

However, you frame it with, "I feel "

Not, "You don't ...."

Example... "I feel so alone because it seems I don't hear from you as much as I used to......."

"I feel that we are growing apart because we don't talk like we used to........."

"I feel that trucking is having a negative impact on our relationship because........

Your objective is to communicate what your going through, not accuse him of treating you poorly (which he may very well be doing, but most men are not going to respond well to this indictment which means you will not achieve your goals of changing the situation)

If the guy is mature and loves you and cares about the relationship, he should hear you out.

If he doesn't care then he may act as if your making all of this up and you need to chill. In which case you need to ask him about his vision of your relationship in the future.

If you like his response, suggest that you seek marriage counseling before things fall apart.

Sorry yall go through this, please let us know the outcomes if you try any of these suggestions.

Best of luck,

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