Feel like I am alone in this

by Dee Dee
(Mississippi )

I'm a 25 year old Truckers wife. We have one kid who is four years old. I'm responsible for everything. I work 40 hours a week on top of that I'm a student and a mommy My husband is never home and I feel really unappreciated . I'm an emotional wreck.

My husband doesn't understand how I feel at all. I love him so much but I'm not sure if I can hold on any longer. Am I wrong for asking my husband to send me gifts every now and then to let me know I'm not alone in this. I feel so lonely. I try my best to smile and hide the pain but I feel like I'm alone and taken for granted.

Am I asking for to much?? 😭😭😭

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Jul 08, 2015
Emotional wreck... NEW
by: Anonymous

You are presenting your side but not his side, only that he does not send gifts, or, it seems, not to make an effort to contact you. I am a trucker lady, on hiatus, I know how hard a job it is. This is not an excuse to say that he is so busy or tired that he can't reach out to you, what I am saying is this, he needs to know how you feel and needs to know what you need from him when he is out on the road and the only way to do this is is by communication. Communicate in a grown-up, mature way, not like an adolescent. Ask him what he needs from you when he's on the road, and tell him what you need from him. It's at this point, by his reaction and cooperation, or not, that you can see where this relationship is going. With the internet, smart-phones, etc. there are so many ways to say hi and catch up and share. You may have to make the first move, he may not be a mind-reader, best to you both. PT

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