Falling Asleep While Driving

Sometimes it takes while before a person even realizes that he/she is falling asleep while behind the wheel. Here are 10 signs that you are falling asleep while you are driving.

10 Signs That You Are Driving Fatigue

  • You wonder how you got in the lane that you are in
  • You missed an exit and don't know how you missed it
  • You heard someone blowing the horn but can't figure out why.
  • You don't recognize where you are on a highway that you travel so frequently that you normally are familiar with the entire stretch
  • You find yourself mind wondering off away from the road a lot You start to develop a slight headache or discomfort at the temple area
  • You try to remember what you last pasted and you can't
  • You find yourself ending up closer to a vehicle or farther away from a vehicle than you normally travel and you don't know how you keep ending up in that predicament.
  • You find yourself squirming around in the seat constantly
  • The easiest sign, you keep opening up your eyes and wondering feeling like they were closed for longer than a blink.
  • You find yourself reacting differently to other drivers. For instance less patience, getting angry or irritable

Don't take these signs for granted. We are capable of justifying many of them with other causes, especially if we feel we have gotten good rest the night before.

Sometimes you have sleep deficit that doesn't get taken care of with your normal amount of needed sleep. Maybe you needed an extra hour or two to get your body right.

If you experience signs of driving while fatigue, it's best to put the window down and find somewhere to pull over to get a 20 min sleep.

If you can't sleep where you stop at, do some exercises and if you feel nice and awake grab a cup of coffee and see if you can continue your journey.

If you get drowsy again, you should find the first place to get a 20 - 30 min sleep break. You will feel much better.

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Driver Fatique On The Rise

Driving while fatigue is on the rise across the country. But who is it that is doing the driving?

Avoiding Driving Tired

  • Get More Sleep 7-9 hrs
  • Stop More Frequently 2-3 hrs
  • Pull over and take a 20 min. nap. Do NOT sleep for more than an hour. It's likely to make your more groggy.
  • Eat spicy foods
  • Do Some Jumping Jacks and Push Ups

They say rolling down the window and turning up the radio loud doesn't work for waking yourself up. I agree it is not a way to solve the problem.

However, if when you first realize that you are sleepy, you do this, I think a dramatic change like rolling down the window or turning up your favorite high energy song might help you make it to an exit or rest area to pull of and get a nap.

I find sprinkling water over your head or splashing it in your face (also rubbing it over your eyelids) prior to putting the window down helps you to wake up momentarily also.

You should only do this to help you make it to a safe place to pull over to get a 20 min nap.

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