fairly new to the trucking world. young trucker wife's story.

by Lauren

driving the big rig

driving the big rig

my husband is currently a phase one trainer for a very big truck driving company. He teaches students who are fairly new to driving the trade, how to run a business, and most importantly safe driving.

He is gone for 30 days, and is home for a week, and sometimes he gets loads going through our city and will squeeze in time to stay the night or for a few hours. those days are nice, but its bitterweet, having to see him leave so soon.

We have a beautiful little girl, who turned two a couple months back. her daddy spoils her rotten and loves her more than i can describe. He has missed Christmas, birthdays, thanksgiving, you name it. he earns pretty good money for someone who just started a year ago, around 1500+/week. it is a lot better than the 900 every two weeks he made as a restaurant cook. he loves his job, he tells me all the time he will never do anything else. i support him 100 percent. i love that he is happy.

I have days where i just want him home to share all the memories i get to experience with our daughter. i feel sad, lonely...a mixture of emotion being alone 24/7 with a two year old. but, our family is being taken care of, we never have to go without. I am happy to make sacrifices in order to live the way we want.

When he does get his home time--it is sooo much better. as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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