Extra Pillow Sides

by Pam

Yes, It sucks to have a trucker for a husband, but then again it is extremely sexy because not many men can do the job and do it well. I have been an on and off trucker wife for a while and after getting used to him gone, it is almost more difficult at times having him home.

The pillows, at my age, any cool comfort in the sheets is welcome, I have to share no space and get all sides of all pillows. Skype has made things great and buying a booster for wifi is great, they cost about 30 bucks and well worth the money. Netflix helps the guys, anything like that makes me feel better because I find that I worry more about my guy than he does about me.

All I can say is that the life of a truckers wife is a job not for the weak heart or the woman that cannot do physical tasks or chores around the house. It is not a rich way of living, but if you work together it can be successful. Have pride in your partner and he will appreciate you keeping the home fires burning.

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