Ex trucker's wife

by Shirley G.
(California USA)

I was a trucker's wife for 28 years & it was a lonely life. I almost single handedly raised 3 daughters who fortunately became very well adjusted women. He was rarely home for holidays, birthdays, etc.

The worst was that when he was home he was often in a very bad mood. In fact he was often tyrannical with his daughters as well as me. He wanted me to make an accounting of the money I spent on almost everything from the girls clothes to most anything else. He was abusive physically as well as verbally particularly with me.

Ah yes, where did I find support. I was young, married at 18 just out of high school as was he. Sometimes I found attention & support from another man. It was said that I was very attractive & I had the same natural sexual desires that any young woman has. I'm sorry to have to reveal this but I was very discreet & have no reason to believe that he ever knew. Had I not had some attention I'm not sure what I would have done.

With 3 children I could not support myself & them. After 28 years I got a divorce & remarried. I am not sorry for anything I did, it made life bearable at the time while the kids were growing up.

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