Lemon Juice For Driver Health

Lemons are one of nature's superfoods. It has natural antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties and is reported to aid in weight loss.

I use lemon juice every morning because I knew it was good for you and I decided to look up some information to see just how good it was so I could share it with you. 

I usually put some Stevia natural sweetener in it and make it my go to drink of choice but especially every morning.

Here are some good reasons to try it for yourself.

  • It improves digestion – did you know that digestion is the highest use of energy by the body? So if you eat a lot of that truck stop quick food this is a must, lol.

  • It helps balance your pH level – Lemons juice is acidic but in the body it turns alkaline. Your pH balance is necessary for proper body functioning but can be thrown off by many things, including eating a poor diet.

  • Helps protect your cells – Lemon juice provide cancer fighting protection for your cells.  We are around diesel fumes and smoke all of the time.  I know you see the dust in the truck stops.  I always wonder about inhaling that stuff.

  • Helps to keep you from getting kidney stones. According to fitsugar.com this is done by raising the citrate level in the urine . Kidney stones are a result of poor eating habits and other factors.  Increase your water intake to help fight this also.

  • The aroma and consumption of lemon juice is said to stimulate the senses and help fight fatigue. Excessive caffeine is not good for us.  Maybe a strong dose of lemon water will help you wake you in the morning.  Guess what though, I also read that the aroma can help with sleep at night.  Strange how nature provides.

Lemon juice can also help relieve fevers. It could help improve minor acne problems and skin irritations too. There is even a treatment suggested at belief.net for treating eczema with a lemon juice wrap. It was also mentioned there that it will work to get rid of corn and calluses.  Fix that foot!

Use these driver health tips to improve your experience on the road.

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