Due to fear of accidents I couldn't finish trucking school

Hauling tarped flatbed load on the highway

Hauling tarped flatbed load on the highway

I have recently graduated from cdl school. I went to orientation for flatbed.

The second day a guy from safety gets up and tells us some graphic accidents that he knew about.

After hearing this,I wanted to run outside. I heard a lot of negative during orientation and decided to go home early and not even finish this.

I am very disappointed in how they approach this new career that you are starting.

Right now I still have this great fear of driving this monstrous thing even with a trainer after what I have just heard..

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Dec 18, 2022
How Dangerous is Flatbed Trucking
by: The Crazy Trucker

Guess the instructor was using the basic training approach.

It's true. Driving is dangerous honestly. Trucking is more dangerous because you're driving all the time. F

Pulling flatbed is definitely even more dangerous because you have an open trailer with a load on it.

However, it you go to a flat bed company they will teach you about how to secure your load and other things to consider specific to pulling a flat bed.

The main thing required to pull flatbed is great work ethic.

You can't be lazy about checking and tightening your straps.

You have to be someone who can pay attention to detail.

If you know you are not good at that, you should pull flatbed. However, if you are someone who learns well and take pride in doing a great job, there's nothing to fear.

You will be taught what is needed to be a successful flat bed driver.

Never let the instructor scare you off.

And don't forget, for some loads, you may have to tarp which can be interesting in hot or cold weather!

But it's these reasons that experienced flat bed drivers get paid more!

Flat bed trucking jobs

Feb 12, 2017
Accidents can happen
by: Hervy

Accidents definitely can and do happen. I have been in two no fault accidents that totaled the truck and I didn't get injured at all.

However many people have driven twice as long and twice ans many miles and never had an accident.

Also, just because you have an accident (if you have one) doesn't mean you will be hurt.

Keep those things in mind. Right now your thoughts are limiting you from achieving your goals. It is trying to protect you but it is being overly protective. You have to consciously control your hyper sensitive thoughts about this issue.

Use logic and reality.


You could minimize your chances of being in an accident to the best of your ability. Over time you will become more relaxed about being in an accident.

When I first started driving I used to think about the potential for accidents too often as well. In time those thoughts left for the most part.

After my own accident I got that way again. Those thoughts left me again after a while.

Oct 07, 2008
flatbed orientation
by: Anonymous

I went thru the same thing. It's called "bowwing out." They show you these things because they happen. I haul steel coils that weigh 50,000lbs. in a mount style called "sucide."

The coil is set to roll thru the back of the sleeper (they say that isn't usually what happens tho), and the headache rack is only rated at 15,000lbs. Thee are, of course, many other dangers to different loads.

Unless they were just way off base, the meaning of telling you horror stories was simply because they exist, and to prepare you for what you are getting ready to deal with. Most importantly to emphasize the need for proper and safe securement.

No matter how many hours you waited for the load, no matter how tire you are, it MUST be secured properly....or you can get the pictures you saw.
It's o.k. to "bow out." If it doesn't seem like something you want to do, then it's better to realize it in the beginning then later on.

But I think it's something you can do if you wanted to. God Bless. Hope this helps.
Mav Driver

Jun 20, 2008
A trucker's life and becoming a big truck driver
by: The Crazy Trucker

Fear not. Yes becoming a driver is dangerous but so is walking out of a club on a Friday nite. Can you do something less dangerous than driving a truck? Sure but will you always say to yourself what if . . .

Please watch the video on the very first page of this website. The danger of becoming a driver is increased or decrease by your defensive driving skills.

Don't be intimidated man. When I first jump in one, I admit, I said looked out over the hood and i was like what the. . no one should be driving this around on the highway and especially not in the city. After 3 weeks in the class, I was showing off.

On the real, just do it, it's natural to feel a little intimidated at first. Once you get in there and drive a few times and watch some of the other goof balls do it(i was a real goof ball, you should have been there), you'll get more confident and relaxed.

It's like the first time you jumped on a bicycle, at first you was reluctant next thing you know your poppin wheelies without thinking about falling. You will be fine. Just do it.

Thanks for asking
Holla again if you need.


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