Driver pay (otr)

by Jimmy

Driver pay is a big consideration when getting into the trucking biz. But just because you feel confident that you will make $35,000 or $40,000 or more doesn't mean you should plan on sending that much home for expenses.

There are two kinds of truckers, ones that maintain a home somewhere and ones that don't. If you make $40 grand a year and maintain a home, don't forget you have to not only send money home for the family, but you have to eat while on the road. And that can be expensive. Drivers that do not maintain a home are better off, because they are not sending money home.

A lot of drivers live out of their trucks and put their stuff in storage. And guess what? More money in their pocket. It all depends on your situation and your eating habits. I've seen so many drivers that have a family to support eating balogna sandwiches because they didn't realize the expense of living on the road.

If you don't plan ahead, you'll be paying for it with high truck stop prices. Even if you spend $12 a day, thats $360 a month as opposed to maybe less than $200 to eat at home. Of course, it depends on your eating habits. Many people, even when home, eat fast food every day.

This is a proven fact. The way to make the big bucks in this biz is to be a married couple running team, without a home to maintain, and run that truck 24/7 for 350 days a year. You will have an occasional day or two off because of mixups in scheduling, so you're not actually running 24/7 every day of the year. Jimmy

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