Do truckers go days without talking to their partner?

Ok so I recently started dating my truck driver boyfriend. I must say I really like him a lot and the time we spend together is beautiful full of laughter and smiles...

He gives a lot of reassurance on how he feels about me the same as he did from day one.. Long story short he did mention how as a driver they lose signals in certain areas which I do understand. And how sometimes he may go a day without being able to talk to me via telephone/ via text maybe even two or three days because of his job, PAUSE Big Red FLAG for me.

I didn't at the moment tell him that sounded like a bunch of bs because I really don't know for sure. So now it got me questioning our relationship. I don't want to be just a piece of booty and get told lies and not be able to know what's real and what's false.

I trust him but always have that one doubt in my head. I hate to find out he secretly involved with someone else and that he's spending his time with someone else when we go days without talking because he claim to be working.

So the question I want to ask do truckers go days with out talking to their partners?

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Mar 04, 2016
Same Problem NEW
by: Jackie**

Yes. Sometimes they do go days without taking but cell service isn't a major problem. If they hit a dead area, they'll likely be out of it within an hour or so. Sending messages, video calls are also great ways to stay in touch.

Oct 29, 2015
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Sep 24, 2015
i call bs NEW
by: Anonymous

My man started otr trucking in may. Had sprint at first & still called me at least once a day & txt some pictures and such. Now he had Verizon and still calls me just the same, in the morning to say good morning & hello. Maybe when he takes his break & at night before he goes to bed. Yes in parts of texas, Arizona & new mexico are terrible reception but he gets through them or send me a txt letting me know where he is & will talk to me when he gets service

Sep 20, 2015
Seems fishy... NEW
by: Jessica Th.

I know that my boyfriend and I talk almost all day. Phones calls while he is driving, texting when he stops and skype when we really miss eachother. I know that sometimes signal gets bad but not often. He has had Verizon at first, never a problem and he went from california to NYC to everywhere for a while. Then he got sprint, same thing he went everywhere. He had to have a pay as you go phone from his boss while sprint replaces his phone this last week and that phone has worked well too... I don't mean to be a downer and make you feel bad but unfortunately it seems like an excuse unless he has a really bad carrier or he is in a dead zone for long periods of times. I suppose that is always a possibility.
I hope I am wrong, but it seems really fishy to me. He should miss you and talk to you every chance he gets.

Sep 18, 2015
Days Without Talking On The Phone
by: Hervy

If he has service with a major carrier there won't be that much of an issue with coverage unless he has a regional plan only covering a specific area and the rest of the time he is roaming and don't want to pay for roaming.

If he has some off brand phone service with that limitation then it's possible to have limited coverage as well.

However, you guys should be able to find a service that is nationwide and inexpensive to solve that problem.

With a major carrier and national coverage. There will be drop outs and pockets of no reception but typically you don't just sit in those places you drive through or deliver there and you go. Even then if you don't have coverage and you deliver or pick up there then it means there are people and businesses there. So there is a phone somewhere and calling cards are in the stores. We have become dependent on our cells and forget there are other options so we are not limited to cell phone so it can't be an excuse for not being able to contact someone you love after a certain period of time.

Believe it or not though, a person might need to be reminded of the fact that other phones/options besides the cell.

End of the day, it shouldn't be multiple days due for THAT reason. Maybe you remind him of other options and agree upon a max limit of time with no contact for the health of the relationship.

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