Do I just move on with the deception and lies?

by Nancy

Heart Broken - why, why, why

Heart Broken - why, why, why

I am a wife of a truck driver and drive trucks myself. I found a notebook with passwords and phone numbers and names of people he met,talked to, had sex with every time he talked me out of the truck for either family matters or some excuse that I would be out of truck for awhile.

Comes home on weekend like he missed me and then started again when return to road, averages every other day someone new. With no cares what he brings home to the innocent. Apparently he goes both ways. And it broke my heart.

He had said been married 5 times before me which I didn't find out til later. was told from beginning only once should have known then. I was married once before for 31 yrs and he found a 27 yr.old computer slut. What the heck.

These people don't care what or how the end plays out all the partners they have had on both ends and the sickness they are spreading. The children's lives they are ruining. I hate that the world as become a computer base whore magnet.

I read some of the profiles from the different sites and drugs,sex,money,foul play you or I couldn't believe it. It seems everyone only cares for the (could be the end of their lives moment ) then for the rest of their life. I have photos from sites,the people he was meeting and phone numbers not hard to get just Google and search it and verified app.

I am thinking about posting them so everyone by the time I am finished hope their lives are turned upside down and they hurt from family finding out like myself. He has told most of them lies about me that I am sick,a psycho, don't know how to treat him and so on because I called a few of them not all but some.

He was keeping a list of names and numbers besides what I found on the sites. Do I just move on with the deception and lies already given to me, or what?

He really is sick now. I am getting older and he is 60 and what does life have to offer a person now with all the lying,deceiving, cheating, heartbreak on every corner, computer, in this time and age the world is going to shit because no one cares about no one anymore.

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Apr 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

They always pay for thier dirty deeds in the long run. If he is 60 and still behaves as an immature human being that's it in a nutshell. He will never change. If he goes both ways and he is immature who's to say he is a not child molester too? Get away. If you think you deserve this treatment well stay along for the ride of your life. Good luck.

Apr 21, 2016
You do realize...
by: Anonymous

...that one day we will all answer for our transgressions.

I am sorry for your pain, but nobody rides for free.

People always seem to think that they are "getting away with something"

Such is not the case, nor will it ever be.

Stand tall, head up.

All forms of self-defeating behavior are unseen and unconscious....... which is why their existence is denied.

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