by chris
(south carolina)

I Was! seriously considering trucking as a career I have been looking at all company sponsored training, thinking man this is gonna be great.

I thought hey I can get low to no cost training, drive otr for the company until my contract is up then come home and find a nice dedicated route. Then I find your site here and get to reading.

Thanks to your honest and straightforward reporting on truckers life on the road I have come to believe that neither my marriage nor my sanity would survive life on the road. I have new found respect and concerns for long haul truckers. You sure as hell left off the sugary coating the recruiters seem to put on.

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Aug 10, 2010
by: Keith

Recruiters sugar coat - no way!! LMAO!! I'm pretty sure if you look up the word recruiter the definition would simply be -"liar"

Jul 26, 2010
Chris re-thinks.
by: Jimmy

Chris, it is a lifestyle change, for sure. That's why the high turnover. People don't realize there's more to it than just driving down the highway. But, I have a feeling you are still interested in trying it out, am I right??????? Jimmy

Jul 23, 2010
Trucking bootcamp
by: Hervy

Chris I am glad all of us here good help you gain insight about what the trucking lifestyle really requires of the driver and family.

I all of us here really hope to help people like you make the best decision for you situation, but it takes a smart person to act upon the information here in your true best interest.

I commend you for reaching facing whatever the truth was to the part of trucking that mad it a no go for you and putting it off for your family.

It takes a real man to override your human desires and it doesn't mean that your situation might not one day allow you to hit the road.

You and your wife might hit the road as truckers and tour the country in later or something.

In any case best of luck in your endeavors and we hope you will tell those interested in trucking to visit.


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