Desparado's Girl - A Journey Still Being Traveled

by Teresa
(Waco, TX)

Our story started as a long distance relationship, he in TX and me in CA, but now I'm here with him having left CA behind.

He had told me he would never do OTR again, but getting enough miles out of these companies seems impossible, so he's now an owner operator and trying to make a business for us.

I'm so proud of him and his sacrifice in doing this. Unfortunately it means about 4 weeks out and 2 days home, at least for now.

We talk everyday and a night never goes by without him telling me goodnight and that he loves me. Eventually I will ride with him full-time, but until that's financially possible we spend most nights apart.

I miss him terribly, but understand it's even harder for him not being in our bed at night and at times waking up wondering where he is.

I'm finding being a truckers girlfriend is a big challenge, but also worth it to be with a man whom I so deeply love. I cherish each phone call, text and picture and try not to think about the weeks to go before I pull up to his truck, see his smiling face, open arms and how comforting it feels to have them wrapped around me again.

Communication and keeping busy is the key to making this work and getting through the weeks. Just like everything in life some days are harder than the others, but if you talk and flirt and share everything with each other it sure helps.

These men/woman who choose this as a career should most definitely get more respect. Without them our stores would be empty and then what would we do.

In going to orientation for leasing his truck my boyfriend was in the bus terminal waiting for the last leg of his trip sitting next to a man in the army. This brave soldier starts talking to him and ask my boyfriend what he does for a living.

When he told the soldier he was about to be an OTR driver, the soldier stuck out his hand and said I just want to tell you thank you for all you do. For a man in the military, who makes such sacrifices for our country, to have such respect for my boyfriend just made it his whole career.

It was something he was so proud to share with me and a moment in time that he will never forget.

To all you wives/girlfriends and your wonderful drivers be proud of them and yourselves for being so strong.

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