Current Us Weather Map

Checking the current weather conditions can be a huge benefit to your travel planning. Often there is alternate route with not a lot of difference in mileage to get you where you need to go while by-passing poor weather conditions.

This Map Shows Current Weather Conditions in Atlanta
Enter the zip of the area for which you want to find the current local weather conditions.

If you were leaving North Carolin headed to Dallas, TX.

You could go out I-40 West to Arkansas, then jumping on I-430 to I-30 West in to Dallas.


You could go I-85 South and To Atlanta, then hit I-285 West, Take I-20 West all he way in to Dallas.

Not much difference in mileage but the weather along the routes could be like night and day.

So check the current and future weather in key areas like Atlanta, Birmingham, Shreveport and then on the the northern route

You'll be crossing the mountains on I-40 so make sure to check there. Black Mountain, Knoxville, Memphis, Little Rock

Choose the best route based on what you expect the weather to do. If equal go the shortest route. Note: Some companies may not allow you to choose.

Current Us Weather Map

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