Christmas Time For Trucking Families

Christmas times can be challenging for truckers and wives because many drivers will be over the road away from their family over the holiday.  Drivers and wives will do good to plant something special in the truck and home the last time they are home before Christmas. 

Then on Christmas, let the other know of the location to find that special item.  (I know, I should have posted that in November).

Take time out to clear your mind of all troubles.  Be sure to spend extra time talking to each other of the holiday, if you are unable to be home.  Maybe discuss how you are both going to take the new year to another level in the relationships, health and setting money aside.  Possibly parenting too.

Take a break from any issues that cause you to quarrel on the holiday.  Use that day to bond and build.

Hopefully you will all have time to unwind and relax even if you are on separated. 

We want to wish all of the truckers, wives and their families are very Merry Christmas.

Great Gifts For Truckers And Wives

For new truck drivers there are a lot of electronics that will be very handy.  The price can range from low to high.

  • Electric Coolers/Heater
  • Wireless Headset
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Crock Pot / Cooker
  • Electric Frying Pan
  • Inverter
  • CB Radio
  • GPS
  • Small Grill if he/she likes cooking
  • Audio Books for personal development
  • Motivational CD
  • Ebooks or Traditional Books

Of course when it comes to books, audio, dvds I suggest motivational and personal growth but you can get whatever you want.

It's that the personal growth, spiritual or educational material could actually have the potential to change your life for the better making the gift even more power beyond entertainment. 

However, some people will get the wrong Idea from that and others would be happy about it, lol.  So you have to determine what type of mate you have.

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