CB questions from a new trucker

by Nick V

Nick V here again lookin for...you guessed it, more advice. Startin up with Covenant come June and wondering if I should buy a CB. My girlfriend works at the TA here in town and can get me a little bit of a hook up but I dont know where to start.

First off, should I just wait to see if the CB in the truck I get is worth a damn or is it smarter to buy your own to have? If so, what do I look for? Planned on goin with a Cobra and they have one up there for 130 that I guess would be ok but wanted to check with you before I blow the money on it.

Also how much of a deal is it to take one out and put one in? Is it just a matter of pullin the old out and stickin the new in or is it like a car where you gotta pull out the dash and all that non sense?

Thanks for your help and as always keep up the great work on here and be safe out there. Really appreciate everything you do here. Helped me out tons when I was doing my research.

Thanks again

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May 04, 2009
Used CB and Antenna
by: Hervy

What's up Nick sounds like you about like me with the CB. It's pretty easy to switch out as long as it's not an antique all you have to do is match the wires.

I wouldn't buy one like Jimmy said, wait a while, yours may be fine.

Plus I have bought 3 used CB's from drivers and never had a problem with either one. All were already peaked and tuned and I got them for way less than new of course it's is always a gamble buying new. I think you can listen to the guy selling though and sometimes you can make a pretty good judgement on what to expect of the condition based on his conversation about selling.

Many reasons drivers sell their CB's.

Sometimes they upgrade
Sometimes they are getting out of the truck
Sometimes they buy a new one with points and just want to get some cash.
Sometimes they might have blown it up (burnt it out) and trying to get rid of it! Lol
Sometimes it might be a stolen radio bought off a crack head or something.

Like Jimmy said though, CB shops will have radios at many truckstops. I don't mind buying used from them. Sometimes they will warranty them to work like new.

Let us know how you like it over their at Covenant Transport.


May 04, 2009
Nick V. and his C/B
by: Jimmy

Hey Nick, welcome to your new adventure. Assuming you're new to the biz, don't worry just yet about a C/B. You'll be with a trainer who will probably have a C/B. When you actually get your own truck, yeah, you'll need a C/B.

There are quite a few brands available, from about $49 up to $400. You can get a nice unit for $100-$150. The small ones just a bit bigger than a pack of cigs are pretty much worthless. Most trucks have a spot for a C/B. Buy one that fits in that spot. (size) Cobra 29 is a good one. As you travel about, you'll hear tons of advice from drivers about C/B's. You'll find drivers selling C/B's at truckstops. Some drivers insist on tuning and peaking their C/B. Cost is about $45.
I personally don't buy into that, but it's your choice. You do, however, need the right co-ax cable,(length) and the right antenna/antennas. A lot of truckstops have a C/B shop or one nearby. Sometimes you'll see a C/B shop alongside the interstate. Some guys operate out of there van parked across the street from a truckstop. The perfect C/B shop is where you can park at the front door and the tech can come out to your truck and do what is needed to get your unit right.

Installing a C/B is pretty easy. All truck manufacturers have a factory 'plug' and you basically plug it in. Your new C/B will come with a plug. Then you screw in the co-ax cable and you're ready to go. Keep in mind, you may get a truck that the previous driver butchered the wiring when he got off the truck. If you buy a used C/B, it may not have the plug. Almost all truckstops have a section in their store for C/B parts. (a la carte)

If you understand wiring, you can install it yourself. If not, better have someone do it. It's real easy to cross a wire and damage some electrical stuff. Some companies will want their shop to install it to prevent screwups.

I would say get a taste of trucking before you buy the C/B, 'cause you may not even like trucking. Buy it new so you return it if it's defective. Have fun. Jimmy

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