carrying your love with me from west Virginia down to Tennessee.

by melanie
(terra alta wv)

My husband is an over the road trucker has been for the pass 9 years for an exception of four months and I happened to meet him those four months.I appreciate the hard work and the love I get shown everyday from far away but it isnt always easy. I stay at home raise our daughters, do the paper work etc.

The feeling of being single at every church function and most family dinners and holidays still get to me. But my husband never lets me feel neglecactes or unappreciated so I got it lucky.

At first I didnt uny wgat he went through on a daily basis so last year for Valentine's Day I went over the road with him for two weeks I appreciate d him before than but now so much more. The hurried days, follwed by not much sleep. Showers in a truck stop, food that isnt always good, being a lone most of the day. They scarifice a lot. I love my trucker

We make sure to communicate everyday several times. Usually a short call in the morning to start our day. A long conversation at the end. Lots of text and pics in between.

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