Getting Your CDL with Diabetes

It is possible to get your CDL with diabetes and become a truck driver. To see if you qualify to drive a commercial vehicle intrastate you will have to check with your state's regulations regarding driving a commercial vehicle with diabetes.

You must apply for an exemption to drive with diabetes. Here is the FMCSA page to download the exemption application. Notice that the first download is for new applications and the second download is for an assessment for drivers who have already been exempted before.

Diabetes Exemption Package Download Page

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Truckers and Diabetes

Prevent getting diabetes on the road

If you are here I am sure you already know of the two major types of Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 and you know the difference in them and how to treat each.

January 2011 statistics show there are approximately 18.8 million diagnosed cases and 7 million undiagnosed cases of diabetes. People with diabetes have a 2 to 4 times greater change of developing heart disease or having a stroke.

The most common type of diabetes is Type 2. There may be 79 million who are pre-diabetic. The onset of Type 2 diabetes may be prevented with early detection and by sticking to a proper eating and exercise regimen as recommended by your doctor.

Type 2 diabetes is what afflicts most truck drivers with diabetes.

The good thing about Type 2 diabetes is that it can be controlled in most people with a good diet of certain foods and regular exercise. As with all diseases, it also helps to get the proper amount of sleep and to eliminate other bad habits such as smoking, alcohol abuse and over consumption of junk food.  Discuss the particulars with your doctor based on your condition.

Obviously being on the road with diabetes will present extra challenge. To get proper diet while on the road, it is best to get a 12Volt refrigerator so that you can be sure to have the right types of food readily available when needed.

For exercise on the road, you only have to be creative and disciplined. You don't need a formal setting or a gym in order to get exercise. Walking, sit ups on the bunk, push ups, squats, and aerobic exercise can be done easily as a trucker.

Here is a video with exercise ideas for truckers.

Diabetes Self Management Tools, Tips, and Informatin from ADA

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Trucking Diet on The Road

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