Can I trust him?

by Tina

My guy and me have been dating since August of 2011. He is from the same state as me and not far from where I live.

We've know each other for a while before we started dating. We were both in a relationship when we first met many years ago. I work at a truck-stop, and he just happen to pop in one day. We were both single and exchanged numbers.

He is an OTR driver, and only home sometimes on the weekends. He has 3 young kids, which I adore, and they are with us every other weekend. He is a little younger than me and he was married and pretty much has told me everything.

He says has cheated before, and says he has grown up and out of it. I believe in 1 person for 1 person. I don't believe in cheating at all. If your unhappy, you should talk to your partner and try to work it out, not run to everyone else.

Being employed at a truck stop for almost 15 years, Ive seen it all. Ive been lied to, hit on by "happily married" men, and slept with liars who told me things that made me believe they were single till the wife called.

I know guys will tell you anything to get you in the sack. He knows my fears. He tells me that there is no one else and that he cares and loves me very deeply.

I just worry that I'm the main course and he has desserts in other states. He is a hot guy, hell he got hit on by a pretty girl this weekend with me standing right by him.

How do I put this outta of my mind, especially when I see it everyday where I work?

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May 16, 2012
Make sure he has the same level of interest
by: Hervy

Be careful. If he knows what you are afraid of he is also perfectly capable of telling you exactly what you need to hear in order to make you more vulnerable.

YOu first need to decide on what is going on in your life. This is bit picture view.

Where are you going and what are you working toward in life?

The reason for this is to then determine what type of man is compatible for you own goals. How open are you to drama too? Because there are certain things about people that presents signs of potential drama.

Their attitude, their situation, their choices in life.

If you have goals, don't you want someone who also have goals? So ask what are his goals. If you have them and he doesn't, then how compatible are you? And visa versa.

Well, those are some thoughts and here are some more about choosing Mr. Right

May 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

This is a hard one! Wow you have to watch the B.S. that goes on everyday at truck stops, and you have went through the B.S. while working at a truck stop. I have to say the odds are stacked against you here.

If you continue to work at a truck stop it may be a disaster for him. If he continues to drive this may be a disaster for you.

Trust is earned, so if he has been on the up and up and you have as well, then you both have a shot at a good relationship. Especially if you have God and prayer in your lives. But you might want to take a look at why you are asking yourself "can I trust him".

And try not to base this on what other people do, but on what his actions have been. And yours of course.

Good Luck with your new found love! :)

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