Your Independence Day

What is independence day? We celebrate with firework displays. Some of us have a day off and some of us have a week. We travel to see friends and family, hit the beach or attend festivals.

These acts of celebration that occur on and surrounding the 4th of July is to commemorate the 13 Colonies breaking free from Great Britain. It was marked by the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776.

Becoming independent wasn't an easy thing to do, but being in a new land away from Great Britain allowed a new perception of what life should be like. There was a new belief system that empowered visionaries of that time.

It meant abandoning an old way of thinking to make room for a new set of rules that would be needed to take the nation successfully into the future.

They realized that in order to become what they envisioned, there needed to be a new mental foundation from which to build. Using the past experiences as a road map would not create a new nation, it would be the same nation in a new location.

The Declaration of Independence was adopted to serve as the pathway for what we now enjoy as the United States of America.

We live in a nation of opportunities at a time that is challenging but also filled with opportunities. Some of us are in such a bad place right now that it's hard to see the opportunities. This is not because they don't exist. This is because you have not found the right pair of lenses to correct your vision. It's there.

The question is, what thoughts and limits do you need to leave behind to see it. To create the future that you want to create what shift in thinking must you make. You see, if your belief system is not the right one for the current stage of life you are in, if won't adequately serve you. You can't build. Your vision won't allow it and if you manage to get something done, the foundation will not support it.

So, maybe it is the case that you have to make your own declaration of independence from something in order to grow your own greatness. What is the state of your nation?

If you don't like the way your life is going right now, maybe there is something wrong with your beliefs system. Maybe you assume you can't do things the create change. Maybe you assume that people like you don't become wealthy. Maybe you assume that people from your neighborhood, background or family don't start businesses, or buy homes, or trucks, or have good credit, or seek higher education. Maybe you feel that people who have made the mistakes you have, can't find happiness or prosperity.

If any of that is your current belief it is a lie. It is time to replace that belief system with one that will cause you to be excited about getting back in the game and striving for what you once dreamed of your life becoming. If you want to become an owner operator, learn what it takes and buy a truck.  I you want to stop driving, spend your free time figuring out what else you can do.  Stop putting it off and making excuses.

People like you can do anything that anyone else can do. The difference is that they believe they can and so they work toward it relentlessly. You believe that you can't and so you don't. You have a different belief system than the other guy and each of you are both living out what you believe.

So when you compare yourself to someone else with a different belief system, it is unfair. They operate differently. They are just reaching what they think is their potential and you are reaching what you believe is yours.

What you need to make sure of is that you expect as much of yourself as the credit you give tho other person. This gives you room to experience the growth and maturity to attempt and accomplish more. It's real simple when you think about it.  If you believe that you can and you then follow that with research and action, you move toward that goal.

So, no matter what I say to you or what you pick up to read or what you listen to....the only thing that you will get you out of today's reality to push you into the next phase of your life, is the messages that are in line with your core belief system.

Until you make the core belief system in line with where you would like to go, it will not be sufficient in order to push you forward.

A lot of people will only expose themselves to an environment that they feel supports their current belief system. It's comfortable. That is natural for us to do. That is why so many of us are in this situation. However, it is mandatory for us to leave our comfort zone behind if you want to change your life. You must explore the new lands.

So what can be done to help develop this new belief system.

There are people out there that you are intrigued by. How did they create wealth? How did they become successful? How are they happily married for 30 years? How did they start their business?

Stop assuming that they were lucky and ask yourself real questions. If you can, ask them the questions. If you can't research them and look for the answer to the questions yourself. If there is no one in life that impresses you, research this question, “How do people become successful at accomplishing their goals?”  Guess what, you will find answers.

A great place to start exploring is learning about the people that you intrigue you. Take 3 people whose success you admire and Google them. Read their stories. You will find that most were at one point broke, failed many times, but believed or learned to believe what was possible. With this new belief they saw hope. Their attitudes and actions changed. Their experiences began to change. This of course created more enthusiasm.

They stuck with the program because a belief system had developed which enabled them to see themselves one day being the person they now are. Most started with a belief system similar to yours. They did something similar to what I am suggesting that you do, and it changed their lives. (Where do you think I got the idea from! LOL)

Seeing the glass half full with that firm belief they never quit pushing toward their dreams until one day you witnessed their success. See they didn't get to where they are overnight. They weren't lucky. They were not given any special treatment other than what they deserved from making a declaration of independence for the future of their lives.

They decided that it was time for a change and they put in place the new rules for how they were going to live. This they practiced until it was mastered and become their normal way of living. The end result was to become who they became.

So when is your independence day?

What is the state of your Nation?

What do you see for the future of your Nation? If that hasn't been a thought for you, now is the time.

What do you really want for your life? What would the perfect life look like for you 20 years from now? Where would you live? What would your health be like? What type of spouse would you have and how many kids? What type of person would you need to be in order to attract that type of life companion? What type of money do you need to make to live the lifestyle that you want? What ways can you earn that type of money? What do you need to do in order to secure that type of job or create those types of opportunities?

Give your old tired belief system a declaration of independence to make way for this future that you envision.

If you will make that shift and believe that it is possible, you can build that nation that you desire with in you.

Soon you will be breaking free and it will be a time for celebration.

Happy 4th of July

Breaking Free

Below is a book that I wrote.  If you made it this far on the page, I think you will like it!

What is Independence Day

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