by BCGrey
(Pittsburgh, PA USA)

I have been married to a truck driver for 15 years. I feel I am blessed because he works so hard every day, 15-16 hours a day driving in traffic with all the crazies out there, having to put up with unions only loading and unloading trucks for so long, sometimes he sits for hours waiting for the men that are home every night to do THEIR job.

Sure, it is rough, we have 3 children, 2 grown and out of the house and 1 that is 13. She knows her DAd loves her, he spends extra time with her on the weekends. You have to remember, you being the wife are not the only one that is missing out. He misses concerts, and recitals and nightly routines. He misses his family, at least my husband does.

Stop being so selfish and think about him for a minute. Sure, I have worried about him cheating, but in the same breath, he has worried too. He appreciates me and loves me completely. I guess I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

There are perks to this too, I can go to the mall, watch whatever I want, go to the movies, visit my friends, pretty much whatever I want, etc., while he is gone not having to worry about him being at home by himself.

You have to be independent and trusting. If you are jealous and clingy, it will never work. I love my husband, we make the most of every minute we have together on the weekends. I cherish those mornings that I wake up with him beside me and believe me, I miss him on the days he is not there, but at the same time, he is waking up alone too. He is out there, risking his life, making a living, missing out on his family so who am I to whine?

Just love your husband, respect what he does, appreciate him and you will get the same back if he truly loves you.

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