Being a wife of a driver never gets easier

by Tiffany
(knoxville Tennesee)

Hi i have been with my trucker for 2 years he came off the road and was home for about 8 months well he decided that he needs to go back over the road. Being a truckers wife never gets easier we are left here to pick up the pieces at home and hold it all together.

I am not going to lie at times i fall apart and wonder how he can just leave me here alone. But thats what he does all he knows so i cant be mad. I love hom more then life its self so we talk a lot and video chat when he can. i cry and we go to sleep lol....

i always try to go to bed when he does and he wakes me when hes up. I have had to learn patients and understanding. And try to not stress the lonely nights....

Its hard but when you see you him down out of that truck for his home time it makes it all worth it. All the time you sleep alone and wake up alone seeing his smile is worth it.

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