Being a Truckers Wife

by Tenea Neusbaum
(Tellico Plains, TN)

I am a 3 year truckers wife. He was a trucker when I met him. At first, I found the lifestyle very challenging. Other wives would tell me that i would learn to love the time he was gone just as much as I love the time when he is home.

Well, they were right! lol I love my trucker dearly, but man is it hard to actually LIVE with him. I have my way of doing things at home and with the kids. Then he comes home and tends to want to change things. NO, NO, NO, truckers... Don't do that!! It causes way too many ruffles in a relationship. Give your lady ideas... but don't try to change it to your liking.

Now, as far as when he is gone. We all miss him so dearly and it is a very job hard for the woman to have. In a sense we are mom and dad. We are the boo boo kissers, maids, cooks, etc and the punisher (mean person).

It makes for a bittersweet relationship between the mother and child/children. I think our lives are somewhat harder than the wives of military men.. This is why.. before y'all get discouraged and stoop reading.... Their husbands are gone for long periods of time. They have to get reacquainted with their spouses once a year or so. We have to reacquainted sometimes 3 to 4 times a month (if we are lucky).

By the time we get settled in with our spouse being home... they leave. Then the loneliness and the worry if we will hold up to their expectations at home start. and the worry if the lizards have taken over their truck, if they went to bed at a crappy truckstop or on the side of the road somewhere and got robbed, beat, etc.

It takes a very strong man to be a trucker... It definitely takes a stronger woman to be the wife of a trucker. I'm sure I have plenty more to say... but as I am a truckers wife... household duties call... find me on facebook Tenea Neusbaum. I love friends and will help those who are struggling with this lifestyle as much as I can. Take Care for now.

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