Being a truckers wife is tough but also very rewarding...

by Emily

You know, being the wife of a trucker is tough but it's very rewarding. Being part of the owner operator independent truckers category we have a lot more to deal with than just a company driver.

But I will tell you that being the wife of a trucker no matter if your husband owns his own rig or drives for a company where they do maintenance and pay fuel is still no easy task.

Being home alone for days, sometimes weeks at a time can be very stressful but thank the good Lord for cell phones. Good way to stay in touch or send pictures of the kids or homestead to reassure your man that you've got it covered even though behind the scenes you'd like to scream and dig a hole and hide. I know I feel like this at times. There are the days when the phone rings with a very angry man on the other end screaming about u-joints or a leaky radiator or even fuel filters. It's those days when you dress yourself and the kids as fast as possible and head to the parts house and pick up boxes of parts and hit the road to meet up and deliver parts if they happen to be somewhat close by. This has happened to me on MULTIPLE occasions.

Lots of lonely nights with tears in the pillow wishing they were there. But that all leads to the age old phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I can vouch for that one. When I hear the Jake brakes a few miles down the road the butterflies come rushing back. It brings a smile to my face. And knowing there is always maintenence that needs to be done I've
learned to spend as much time as I can with him because who knows when he's going to be home next or even how long.

It doesn't bother me that my time is usually spent handing wrenches over or under a truck with a socket set and the rachet to go with it. At least I have the luxury of him being home. I'm very thankful and I make sure he knows it. It's because of my wonderful husband that I can be a stay at home mom and raise our children the way he would like. And don't get me started on tax season. It irks my nerves to hear all these people complaining that they only got a few thousand back from income tax. They need to be thankful they don't have to pay that couple thousand come tax season.

I work my tail off saving every single receipt to make sure we have all of our deductions in check to save ourselves come mid April. The pros outweigh the cons by far it's always stressful.

Just like you should always thank a farmer for the food they provide, a soldier for the sacrifice they give, you should always thank a trucker for delivering the goods you buy everywhere. Without truckers our fast paced life would take a quick halt.

So instead of being a complete bastard towards truckers on the road, how about to take the time to smile and wave or even a thumbs up. They enjoy it. They are just trying to get their job done just as you are.

Like I said,instead of being on your phone and driving like a bat shit crazy person, keep it in your mind what they give up for all of us.

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May 16, 2016
On the same page
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing Emily. Seems you and your husband are vibrating on the same frequency which helps to make things work out no matter what.

The bottom line seems to be that he knows you are all in for him and you know he is all in for you.

What some couples are missing is that firm belief of how the other person views him/her in the relationship.

Its always a good thing to see two people who value each other that way I feel you and hubby does. I hope it can help other couples to evaluate how they show appreciation for each other and actually feel that connection at their core.

Seems if you are together for the right reason, that it shouldn't be a burden to consistently work on improving the relationship.

That should be the byproduct of a desire for making things work out.

Again, thanks for sharing.

Wondering if there are plans for another truck one day or just running that one?

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