Being a trucker's wife is hard on marriage and sanity

Being a trucker's wife is hard. Hard on my marriage and my sanity. Sometimes being the wife of a trucker makes me want to walk away, but it is at those times I talk to my Mom and my best friend.

I have to be both Mom and Dad to our three year old son and when he asks where daddy is or when is he coming home it can be very hard. Before our son was born I was out there with my husband. I got used to being with him all the time, helping out when I could by filling out paperwork and stuff like that.

Now that our son is three my husband and I both want to start working as a team and we are still having a hard time because every where we look they say no to our son going with us. But that hasn't got us bummed out.

For now we are content to daily phone calls and an occasional video chat.

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