Being a truckers wife and ideas for passing the time

by Beth

Mu husband Dwayne

Mu husband Dwayne

I've been with my trucker for 15 yrs,married for 9 yrs. One of the things I've had to learn to deal with is the loneliness.

When he leaves to go back to work after his 3 days off ( he's out for a month at a time)I'm very thankful for our fur babies. Without them it would be a lot harder.

No kids at our house. They are all grown,and have families of their own.

Some advice for women who are truckers wives: if your husbands company(if he's a company driver)allows him to have riders,go with him for awhile. Get out and see some new sights. You'll get to see first hand what his job is,what he has to put up with from other drivers,and from his company.

Most drivers enjoy having their wives with them.
I used to go on the road with my husband a lot. Now I don't go as much. I know that anytime I want to get back on the truck I can.

Having a job of their own will give them something to do, getting a pet from their local shelter will give them a companion, not to mention saving the life of that animal.

Hobbies are good,too. Visit your local library.
For wives with children buy a USA wall map and make a game of tracking dad with stickers.

Video chat with dad at night when he's stopped for the night.During summer vacation,let the older kids (over 10 preferably)go with him on a run. Good history lessons can be learned this way by researching the places they go.

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